Electrolux Unirapido stick vacuum review

I don’t think I need my broom anymore! You see, I’ve got a new friend that loves to tackle my hard floor surfaces, and does so more efficiently than that scraggly old broom. My new Electrolux Unirapido cordless stick vacuum!

We’ve been using our Electrolux Unirapido for a few weeks now and we couldn’t be happier with it. Sweeping up the kitchen and bathroom floors has never been a favorite chore for anyone in our home, but now even the kids don’t mind when they can use the Unirapido to do it. It’s so fast to just grab the Unirapido and do a quick cleanup! I am still amazed at how much power this little stick vacuum has! The 12 volt motor and motorized brush make short work of any lurking dust bunnies and dog hair! Even though it’s got tons of power, the motor is nice and quiet. There are two speeds to choose from, high speed for an extra boost of cleaning and normal speed for longer run time, both just with a press of the switch.

Electrolux Unirapido Hi-Res
A cordless, rechargeable stick vacuum, Unirapido is both lightweight and durable, making it the perfect solution for cleaning bare floors. 

Unirapido’s 180-degree nozzle design provides extreme maneuverability for cleaning in tight corners and around furniture.

The two-speed switch offers either high-powered cleaning or extended run time, and the soft touch grip handle allows for comfortable cleaning. 

Unirapido features cyclonic filtration and an easy-to-empty dust cup that can hold up to one liter of dust and dirt, without the need for bags or filters.

Unirapido has a full charge in 20 minutes on it’s included base charger! There’s no way it takes 20 minutes to clean with this thing though so I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about running out of juice! The rechargeable vacuum is so light weight that  it glides smoothly across the floor with almost no effort. I had been a bit skeptical about how well the vacuum would get into the corners and against the base board of my cupboard but it does a wonderful job. When hitting the wall head on it has great suction and doesn’t leave anything behind.

The small footprint and 180 degree swivel head of the vacuum make it very easy to get in and around the chair and table legs and into smaller spaces that a larger vacuum wouldn’t fit into. This is nice because I don’t have to take everything out of the kitchen just to sweep the floor!

Electrolux unirapido vaccum dust cup

The Unirapido has a very effective dust cup and cyclonic filtration system. The outside of the cup – pre filter – picks up all of the hair and larger debris, while the inner filter cup – fine filter – does an awesome job at capturing the dust, and keeping it in the cup instead of blowing it back around my house. The cup can hold up to a liter of dirt and dust, that’s a lot of crud! I really like that the dust cup can be very easily cleaned by rinsing out at the sink. There are no messy bags to worry about. With a simple push of the release button above the dust cup, the front pops right out and the dust cup lifts out of the housing for no mess dumping.

It’s very nice not having a cloud of dust billow up while sweeping. Our road is dirt so we have plenty enough dust as it is! The Unirapido takes dust seriously! I mean look how much is in the fine filter up there, yuck!

Electrolux unirapido vaccum charger base

There are two simple features on this vacuum that I love. One is the sturdy base. As I say in my video below, my Aunt has an older stick vacuum (different brand) that has no base, the charger plugs into the back and she has to lean it against the wall, I hate it. It’s always falling over and sliding down the wall onto the floor. The Unirapido though sits snugly in it’s base and stays put! You can even mount the charging station to the wall if you want to. The vacuum takes up less room when you store it because it’s standing upright, not leaning out from the wall so you trip on it!

The other feature I absolutely love is the little rubber knob on the back of the handle – “the parking rubber pad”. This little knob is great for resting your fingers on while you vacuum but the main thing I like is that I can lean it against the counter, table, sink while I do a quick clean up or move something out of the way, and it stays there! It doesn’t fall over like the broom does when I lean it against the table. Love those simple little things that add something extra.

The Electrolux Unirapido is a stylish an enjoyable way to keep your bare floors clean in the least amount of time possible! It would make a nice gift for anyone who needs to save time!

Buy It: Electrolux Unirapido cordless stick vacuum is available for purchase at Lowes.com and is currently priced at $71.84.

Thanks to Electrolux Vacuums for sending a complimentary Electrolux Unirapido vacuum to facilitate my candid review, All opinions and experiences are my own and unswayed by product received, your opinion may vary. No monetary or other compensation received. Questions? View my Disclosure.

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    Must have one of these! I need something to do my tile that is lightweight!


  2. 3

    Great review! I despise cleaning my bare floors and some of the vacuums we’ve had did terrible job with them. This looks portable enough that I wouldn’t mind getting it out and using it. I wonder how it would do on my hardwood.

  3. 5

    Wow, that is a very good price. I have an electrolux vacuum, I love them.

  4. 6

    I am trying to figure out which part(s) of the filter are washable. The outer fine mesh makes sense. Is the inner more cloth like or paper like element also washable?

  5. 8

    Thank you for this information.

    Check out Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews for more vacuum cleaner options.


  6. 9

    I just purchased an Electrolux Stick and I love it. I bought it at Lowe’s and it now costs $89.99 + tax. For another $9.97 I purchased a one year extended warranty.

  7. 10

    Sounds great, but does it work on carpet as well?

  8. 11

    it works but don\’t expect much. the suction power is good but if you are a cleaning freak like me you will not be satisfied! this model is mostly for dust around the house! a quick and easy solution for a not so dirty floor!

  9. 12

    We just bought a vaccum like this 2 weeks ago. Thank for your reviews. This is so good for me.

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    after reading this post I love Electrolux Unirapido stick vacuum.Your article is in details.that’s why I’ve understood the things. keep it up

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    Electrolux Unirapido stick vacuum will be good for me. I LIke your post.


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