Wordless {wordy} Wednesday – School Days

The kids have been back to school for over a week now and I haven’t even posted pictures! That’s how behind I am! BLAH! So here they are looking pretty spiffy! I always do the corny sign thing so I know what year it was. I need to go back and put them all together as a collage for each to see how they’ve changed over the years. TIME!!! I need some!

Kids going back to school 2010

Both Mr.T. and Pie are loving school so far. Mr.T. is enjoying the freedom of Tech school, they seem to have a bigger voice there and he is excited about what the year will bring! Pie is still happier than ever that she has the teacher she wanted this year – her first guy teacher! She also has her BFF ForEVA in her class so life is going good for her too :) What’s going on in your Wednesday?


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  1. 1

    I love their originality! Mr. T could totally fit into the pics of my friends and I in high school (well we had spiked collars and lots of black make-up but still)This is a cute idea,my boys are going to public school for the first time this year and now I wish I had dated the pictures I took.

    • 2

      They definitely have their own styles and I love that they aren’t afraid to be different! I have to date those bts photos or I just wouldn’t remember which year was which!

  2. 3

    You crack me up, there is no way I could have gotten my 9th grade son to hold up tha sign for a picture (LOL) Beautiful children!

    • 4

      lol! I think because I started him young he just KNOWS he HAS to hold his little paper sign :) haha! It’s a tradition, If (when!) he goes to college I think I’ll make him do it then too heehee silly mom I am!

  3. 5

    I love it! the signs are great! back-in-the-day of film I was so guilty of taking forever to get it developed let alone date a photo! great idea! My oldest went through the black phase as well, LOL! & the youngest was Mr. Fashion plate, haha! I didn’t care as far as clothing as long as it was decent & no body parts were exposed or hair, as it grows out & is not permanent. So they could use some freedom of choice in originality w/o inking or totally piercing their bodies up! I told them when they were adults it was their choice & their bodies, until then, my rules!

    • 6

      That’s how I feel too Faythe. I think it’s great that they seek out individuality without going overboard. Everyone always like to judge my son because of the way he dresses and his opinions. I like to see them squirm when I tell them he is an A and B student that has never gotten into trouble :)

      • 7

        Good for you & him! My son that dressed different had a special type of learning disability that they did not know how to treat, he could read & comprehend 5 grades above his level but could not put it down on paper (before pc were big in school too) so in HS no help there , he worked as hard as he could, and passed… while his younger brother was on honor roll and never brought any homework home, as he could finish it in school.. Never judge a book by it’s cover!

  4. 8

    What a stylish duo! I love their looks. I’m glad to hear they’re having a good year. I think the sign is a good idea. I should start doing something like that. It really works out when it takes long to print them out or whatever, huh? I still have 35 MM film I haven’t developed and it’s been at least five or six years since I’ve used a camera that takes film. LOL

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