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My house smells. Yes it really does. We have a dog, three cats, a bird, some fish, two messy kids and two adults living in this small space and the aromas lingering around are often less than pleasant. So when I was chatting on a forum with some friends and heard of a product that might help, I looked it up and asked to review it. We’ve been using What Odor? for a few weeks now and I have liked it so far.

What Odor? is a water based product that is 100% biodegradeable, non-toxic, safe for pets and children! Made with a blend of 41 essential oils, What Odor? has a nice scent that isn’t overpowering. You can tell it’s there but it isn’t so strong that it chokes you.

While What Odor? did make our small bathroom -where the cat litter box is- noticeably fresher smelling, the effects just did not last long enough. I think it’s probably due to the enclosed space and the fact that we have three cats using one box because What Odor? has worked well in all other ways we’ve tried it. It truly is a multi-purpose odor eliminator! I especially like using What Odor/ to spray the inside of our vehicle after the dog has been for a ride.  It takes the smell right out. I’ve had success with spraying underneath the kitchen sink where it gets damp and a bit musty smelling and make sure to spray all of the shoes by the entryway once a week to keep it smelling fresh as well. Once I even sprayed my son’s friend’s nasty socks with it after they came in from a soggy airsoft war :) “It’s safe” I yelled as he gave me the look!

I believe What Odor? does what it says it will. It eliminates odors by breaking down the smells instead of covering it up. The site says you can even add it to the laundry to remove odors! I still want to try this on our dog’s bed. I am going to give it another try in the cat box area because it does say that lingering and set in smells can take a few applications to work.

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A complimentary product was received to facilitate my candid review. All opinions and experiences are my own, yours may vary. No other compensation received.


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  1. 1

    Sounds like Febreeze. Do you think it works better?

  2. 3
    Dave Kutcher says

    the difference between Febreze and What Odor? What Odor? eliminates the odor Febreze is a masking agent.

    What Odor? is the best.

    • 4

      This is true! Febreeze wears off while What Odor? actually eliminates the smell, so while they are similar, they are very different! Thanks for stopping by!

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