How do you use online coupons and promotional discounts to save money?

Online shopping has many advantages over in store shopping. Besides being able to browse a larger variety of items, and many different stores, from your own home, you can save quite a bit of gas money by “computer browsing”. Some websites like make it extremely easy to shop online by providing great deals and discounts. You can almost always find a promo code for just about anything you’re in the market for if you look hard enough!

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When I purchase new color and black ink packs for my Photosmart printer, I always try to save a few dollars by using HP coupons and sales. This usually cuts the cost down to the price I would have paid for a generic or off brand. While I try to budget our household purchases by using various deal sites and coupons, my hubby knows it’s only smart business to do the same with his purchases. He often browses the web, or has me browse, for housing fixture sales and Home Depot discount codes so he can pass the savings on to his customers. It’s always a great feeling when you can score free shipping, or very cheap site to store shipping, on your discounted purchases!

I think it’s just smart shopping and common sense to always seek out a bargain, and hey it’s pretty fun to go on the hunt for them too! It doesn’t take a lot of time, and every little bit saved can definitely help a household like ours that’s living paycheck to paycheck. What deal and coupons sites do you use to grab a bargain?

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    Thank for sharing. I am always looking for site where I can find discount codes. I love to save money anywhere I can.

    I usually go to Google and type in what I am looking for or use but now I will add to my list.

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    I love hunting for deals. I sometimes forget though when I'm actually trying to buy something I need. That's why when I see something we use on sale or with a code I try to get it then because I can never find a code when I need one!

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    I check deal blogs for news on great promos, for coupon codes, and shop through online rebate sites to get cashback!

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    TheSuburbanMom says

    Love deal hunting. Helps us stay on budget & it is fun :)

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