Wrestling, Crochet & Freezer Jam – so random week!

Talk about a completely random week! I just remembered this morning that I left you hanging last week when I mentioned a surprise for my Mm and Lee. The big secret was that we bought tickets for us all to go see the WWE Raw tour. Our closest city isn’t very big so this was a non-televised /non-fancy event but still very fun! I usually don’t get into wrestling, it’s pretty much a sweaty soap opera to me, but seeing it live was cool. The kids had a blast making signs before we went… (probably not the nicest thing for them to do but it was in the name of fun! lol love their funny drawings!)

wrestling signs

Super Genius watches WWE almost every Monday night, as does Lee. Sometimes they call each other to see if the other one’s watching :) so I knew they would enjoy it. The kids were excited because let’s face it, we NEVER get to do anything like this. The only things we’ve been to see in the past 14 years are Disney on Ice and the Circus! The person who enjoyed it most though was my Mom. No kidding! I thought she was going to catapult herself out of the rafters where our cheap seats were and attack John Cena, who is apparently, a major hunk. I think she took about eighty billion pictures of Cena alone! Not to mention the fact that I heard her yelling how awesome it was about 50 zillion trillion times and how awesome it was that she was there and  OMG there was Cena!!! OMG There’s her man Cena! Lol, Love ya mom, you’re a trip.

orton cena wwe cage match

Yesterday I finally put to life an idea that I stole from my friend (thanks Leann!) and held the first Stitch ‘n Bitch meeting. My mom, friend Leann and cousin Amanda came over armed with bags of projects and yummy treats. We spent a good five hours or so, you guessed it, stitchin’ n bitchin’, and a lot of it! M sweet man even showed up early from work with danish for us, then he ran far far away lol!


Top: My mom Bea & cousin Amanda / Bottom: Friend Leann & me!

Top: Mom’s blanket & Amanda’s messenger bag / Bottom: Leann’s Doily & my fluffy shawl

I have a feeling our group will grow a bit as a few more are interested in joining. It’s going to be so nice meeting a couple of times a month to eat too many yummy delicious snacks relax and enjoy our hobbies! We are thinking of making some lap quilts to donate to local Veterans as well as some other ideas.

strawberry jam

Today I made some very quick and easy Strawberry Freezer Jam. I had just enough strawberries left in the fridge to make 5 pints for the freezer plus some leftover to eat now! It turned out really well. I changed the recipe ratio up a tiny bit so I’ll post that next week. It was divine over ice cream tonight!

Oh, and I just inhaled a book called Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins that a Jazzercise friend lent me. I am dying inside because it ends so completely unfinished!! Ugh, I need to get my hands on the second book before I explode from curiosity! Library Monday!


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  1. 1

    Wow, that is a lot going on. I would love to meet with a group of like-minded, hobbied friends to – I don't know – Stalk & Talk. LOL. What is stalking? Uh, Write & Bite. Yea, writing and eating.

    I've never canned anything and I don't think I'll try unless I come visit someone as talented as you are.

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  2. 2

    I always wished I had learned how to knit or crochet. Beautiful work!

  3. 3

    I just learned how to crochet and I’m working on learning to knit. I have the “Stich ‘N Bitch” knitters handbook that I won from one of my favorite blogs.

    • 4

      That’s awesome! I have the Stitch n Bitch crochet book and love it! I wish I could knit but my fingers just don’t want to do it! Good Luck with it!

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