Thinking about fun Father’s Day activities and gift ideas

Father’s Day is getting closer and closer! I love searching for fun and unique  ideas to celebrate Super Genius and my Step-Dad. For years I had been giving Super G. a sports tshirt, usually a Steelers one, he’s also been gifted quite a few band  and rocker type tshirts. Last year I wanted to do something different so I bought him a really nice custom tshirt that had his business logo embroidered on it. He loves that shirt and has completely worn it out by wearing it several times a week! Men apparently like having their names emblazoned across their chests, who knew?

father and son dfishing - image from Flickr originally uploaded by Jordi Cucurull
Originally uploaded by Jordi Cucurull

Besides receiving a bunch of material things, I think Father’s Day is a great day to get dad to relax and slow down to enjoy his family. It’s always fun to get the kids involved in making gifts at home. Pie has already made Super G. at least 3 cards in varying sizes and themes.  I think she started another one the other day! Guess Dad rates, Mom only got one! Help the kids think up activities to do with dad on his special day, maybe by pulling out an old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle or board game you haven’t played in awhile. Catchphrase is a fun one we recently discovered! I wonder if there’s a kid-friendly version of that?

The whole family could pack a picnic and go fishing, Make peanut butter cookies together (or take a plate of them over like I do for my step-dad), or just chill out at home. Spending time with dad is what you’ll  both remember most, not who got what! After all, Dad only has so much room in his closet for more tshirts, socks and ties, you’d hate to see him go by Death by T-Shirt  :) Which reminds me, Chronicles of Riddick is a great Dad action flick movie to watch with the (much much) older kids! (death by tea cup anyone?)

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