Googly Bands stretchable bands are new Tween collectible

Googly Bands I had never heard of Googly Bands but thought they looked fun so signed up to review them when Twitter Mom’s asked. When the package arrived I thought I would surprise Pie with them. She grabbed them out of my hands quicker than I could tell her about them and said “Wow mom! Everybody at school has these! I’ve been wanting them so bad.” LOL, I guess mom is just out of the loop sometimes!

Googly® Bands are all the rage with the tween set, and my cousin tells me her teen daughter knows all about them too. Apparently the “Purple Porcupine” is a coveted treasure in my daughter’s circle of friends. Her one friend has two and trade negotiations have been in the works. As a mom I’m loving the fact that my daughter is having fun with something that costs so little and isn’t connected to an electrical outlet. The colors are funky and bright, the packaging is made of recyclable OPP material and are just plain FUN to wear!

Googly Bands

Have you heard of them? “Googly®Bands are the Stretchable, Bounce backable, Wearable, Unbelievable Hottest Collectible of 2010” They are a very cool new silicone bands made for boys & girls aged 4 and up. Kids love that they stretch out to wear and then bounce back to their original shape! You can collect all the styles and trade with friends. Googly® Band shapes & styles include Cars, Musical Instruments, Zoo Animals, Treats, Dress Up, Sea Creatures, and Dinosaurs. More themes will come out so your child can keep trading and collecting.

The bands are available for only $1.00 per pack at most major retailers worldwide.

Googly Bands

Googly® Bands Design Contest!

If you have a great idea for a new Googly Band style then you could win a $50 gift card and be eligible to have your Googly Band design manufactured by Imperial Toy! Visit for more info and rules. Keep up to date on new designs and product news via their Facebook and Twitter.

Entries are accepted June 1, 2010 – July 18, 2010

As a member of Twitter Moms I was sent two package of the product described above to review. All opinions are my own, yours may vary. No other compensation was received for this post. Questions? Please see my full disclosure here.


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  1. 1
    Terra H. says

    I just read about these in a forum yesterday and had no idea what they were. I still haven't seen them around, but now have an idea of what they area. I don't believe the craze has hit our area yet, but I'm sure it will.

  2. 2

    Those are cute and I think my kids would love them! My son has been wanting a bracelet or something 'cause his sisters always have something like that, ya know? I have a question though: Do you remember hearing about those colored bracelets that kids were wearing that meant certain inappropriate things – mostly sexual? I was wondering if some kids are doing that again or if these will be misinterpreted as such. I'd like to get some for my kids, but… well, you know.

  3. 3
    Henrietta says

    No I had never even heard about any inappropriate things to do with these bracelets I had to google it because I was curious about what you were talking about. How sad that everything always turns into such a thing. My daughter loves them because they're bright and colorful, not because they signify anything else. I think it's a shame that the hype about "the snap game" (as I found in google) can interfere so much in something that should be a childish accessory that just shows your fashion style! :( I truly hope this isn't still happening but who knows….

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