Ducklings may not be the best dinner guests, but they sure are cute!

I took a few dozen pics today of all the cuteness happening around here lately. I’ll post some of those throughout the next week (chickies tomorrow!) For today though I HAD to let ya’ll see just how adorable and funny these little ducks of ours are. Someday I’ll get smart and use the actual video camera to do this instead of my digital camera, then it wouldn’t suck so bad! Sorry it’s fuzzy and tiny!

You may have noticed that there are only three ducklings now. Yes, we did bring home four ducklings. On Memorial Day after we came home from two local parades that Pie was in we had a nasty pop up storm with torrential rain, lightning and thunder. When we went out to check the animals after it had passed one of our poor baby ducklings had drowned. We think the storm must have frightened the poor little dear and he then may have jumped into his water dish and gotten too big of a breathe. We feel just awful about it and I keep kicking myself for having that pan of water in there, but they love it so!

Anyway the other three are growing like weeds and are getting very friendly and opinionated! They are complete hogs and all they want is to eat whenever anyone comes near them, lol. Yes, their food looks gross but they like to have water mixed with it so they can SLURP it! They have a hard time eating the dry feed. You might also notice something in there with them that doesn’t seem like it belongs.

That would be Tweet. She is a young pullet that my sister-in-law had raised from a day old chick from school. She raised her inside as a house chicken but we really don’t have room for one of those at our house! Instead she now lives with the ducklings, they were the only thing her size at the time we brought her home. I’d say she’s quite happy and she might even kind-a-sort-of think she IS a duck. Oh well! It’s pretty cute when they all sleep in a heap on top of each other. Yes SIL your little Tweet is happily adjusted!

If anyone is wondering about the breed of our ducks, they are Pekin Ducks and can be wonderful pets!


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  1. 1
    misskallie2000 says

    I really enjoy your blog. The ducks and Tweet are so cute. I clicked on your link on blogger to see pic on Cleo but I does not come up. I could not find Cleo on this post (or maybe I missed it). Just wanted to let you know the link was not working.

    Great looking kids and I know you and your hubby are proud of them.
    My grandaughters or 13 and 15 and growing up so fast.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  2. 2
    GrammyMouseTails says

    Just too cute! what kind of ducks? I know geese can get bossy & mean.. never heard of bossy ducks! Do they listen to Tweet?
    she is already dwarfed by them! LOL
    Faythe @Grammymousetails

  3. 3
    Henrietta says

    They are Pekin ducks and yes they are getting big very fast! They are so funny, as soon as I open the back door they start a peeping because they think I live to feed them, lol! They shouldn't get mean as we'll handle them a lot, but you are right some geese are a pain. They really are growing much quicker than Tweet. She will stay with them for a few more weeks then I plan on putting her in with my banty chickens, I think she'll be too small to go with the big ones!

    Thank you for the kind words, it makes me happy to know you enjoy the blog! The Cleo post was accidentally published to soon! It's scheduled to run on Sunday so come back t check out the surprise she gave us :)

  4. 4
    Shop with Me Mama says

    Oh my goodness they are adorable! So sad to hear about that one drowning though :( All bet you were sad! Glad the others are doing good though :)

  5. 5

    Wow, what growth! LOL… Looks so cuddly. Between the ducky and the chicky I'm beginning to want one. Naw, I'll just enjoy yours virtually! :-)

  6. 6
    The girl with the flour in her hair says

    Oh, so, so cute. So are the chicks! My mom has chickens and they just make me laugh. They're crazy!


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