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How was your weekend? I hope it was nice! We ended up having a really fun one. I always love it when my brother comes for a visit, we only get to see him once, maybe twice, a year since he’s in the Army. My kids love playing with their cousins and it’s fun to see how well they get along. Friday we all went bowling and our sister, hubby and her son met up with us there. That was so fun! I haven’t been bowling in ages and I so suck but who cares, right? Saturday we just hung out at our house all day. We ate A LOT of junk that I need to work off at Jazzercise! (pizza, almond strudel, pepper relish chips – those were good! And a yummy, super delicious-kill-me-with-chocolate Bake Me A Wish cake that I won from Shop With Me Momma’s blog – talk about perfect timing!) 

We all took turns playing Mario Kart on the Wii. There was lots of shouting, groaning, nudging and laughter as we played off and on all day.

The kids broke out into a few mini wrestle matches with flinging cushions and bodies everywhere! (yes my nephew survived this tossing by landing softly on the loveseat!)

Just Dance was played in between giggles and more laughter. These kids have moves man!

There was a major noodle battle in the backyard. A wounded eyeball stopped that though! (no blood, my niece just got socked by the corner of the foam noodle, ouch!)

There were a few hours of manly macho male bonding while my brother, hubby and son constructed this amazing broomstick handle wooden crossbow. lol :) It’s amazing what you can do with an old bungy (how the heck do you spell bungy cord? bungi, bungey?) and some wood.

It actually works though and they were pretty darn pleased with themselves and their ingenuity! Maybe I should dub them ALL Super Geniuses!

And I noticed just how much my son is growing, how tall he’s getting, how much stubble his little face has…. oh good grief I need a kleenex!


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    Sounds like a wonderful weekend… Very cool.

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    Frosted Fingers says

    What a great weekend!! You got some AWESOME action shots! I love the broomstick crossbow.

  3. 3

    wow…. I am tired just looking at the pictures. What a great weekend.

  4. 4

    how fun! I love weekends like that!!

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