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Try these other places to list your blog giveaway! Email me at (hensnest at windstream dot net) or leave a comment if you’d like to add your giveaway linky or linky directory to this list! I link back to this list every Friday on the bottom of my current Hen’s Clutch of Giveaways post. I do try to keep this list updated and if a site hasn’t posted their giveaway linky on their usual day for three weeks, I remove them. (last updated 2/11/14)

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  1. Thank-you for adding me to your Giveaway Linky Directory.

  2. Hi

    I host Totally Giveaway Tuesday every Tuesday on my blog. You can find the most current giveaways list by searching

    Totally Giveaway Tuesday at the Simply Shiny Blog .


  3. I’d love to be added to your Friday list: Feel free to come link this giveaway: Foodie Friday Giveaway Link-Up . (For “food-related” giveaways only). Thank you!

  4. I would love if you would add my link to your list.

    Every Thursday over at Maple Leaf Mommy, I co-host the Canadian Friendly Giveaway Link-Up.

    The giveaways can also be open to the US or even Worldwide, as long as Canadians can enter.

    Here’s a direct link:

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  13. Hello: Could you add me to the linky directory? Moms & Munchkins has the Super Saturday Giveaway linky at Thank You!

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  21. Ashley LovesRecipes says

    Your site is such a huge inspiration to mine… you are an amazing graphic artist using the most simple of methods its amazing how u make things look so great!!! keep posting – i <3 you and the hens nest!!! :) Be Well – Ash

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  29. Try these other places to list your blog giveaway! Email me at (hensnest at windstream dot net) or leave a comment if you’d like to add your giveaway linky or linky directory to this list! I link back to this list every Friday on the bottom of my current Hen’s Clutch of Giveaways post.

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