Chick updates and why you shouldn’t go to the mill during chick season!

I hope everyone likes all these chick updates! We just go crazy with enthusiasm when the little darlings come into this world! Another one hatched this afternoon, and one is pecking it’s way out of the shell as we speak! That leaves one to go! We originally had mama setting on six eggs but Tuesday two came up missing. I believe a rat or a weasel must have stolen them because there is really no other explanation. We searched everywhere for them and the cannot be found. It makes us so sad to think that those two babies were almost here and were stolen before they could hatch, and even happier that these ones left are hatching! This is why we put mama  Gabby into a little  wire cage inside of her dog  house so that whatever took the eggs can’t come back for the babes! They’ll be safe and snug in there with her for a week or so and then we’ll let her take them out under supervision until they’re older, or we find the varmit that’s responsible.

Mama hen with her two chicks just hatched

Also I know these aren’t baby chicks …BUT…. we stopped by the mill this afternoon to buy some tomato and pepper plants and they had these four little ducklings hanging out. They were the last ones and the guy that was supposed to pick them up never did …SO… you can guess what happened :) lol We now have four Peking ducks. They are the cutest little fuzzballs you ever did see! We’ll have to get little duck collars in different colors for them when they’re older so we can tell them apart!


ducklings drinking


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    Awww, I am so sorry to hear about the missing eggs. That's just sad. But they sure are cute. Oh yea, I meant to ask you what the little stamps are on the eggs.

    Cute little duckies! How sweet that you gave them a home. Duck collars? Really?


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