Wordless Wednesday – Me & Mom

Me & my Momma!
Why do the best pictures off me always turn out fuzzy?
I’m either non existent in photos
or I’m fuzzy!
Happy WW!

Okay, Okay lovely people! It’s not blurry, I believe you! I’m starting to think I must be way blinder than I thought! lol, Maybe it’s time to get my eyes checked again :)
Thanks so much for all the comments!


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  1. That's a great photo!! Where you camping? Looks like a beautiful family in a beautiful setting :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Henrietta says

    Thanks Audrey :) We were at my brother's house for a picnic Easter Saturday, he lives in the woods. It's the perfect setting for camping though and we may do just that in the summer!

  3. JDaniel4's Mom says

    What a great pose! She looks so wonderful!

  4. Happy WW Thanks for stopping by! I love this picture you two look so happy!

  5. I am Harriet says

    That is so wonderful! You are lucky.
    Have a great Wednesday! http://harrietandfriends.com/2010/04/put-smile-face/

  6. Great shot! :)

  7. That's a really great photo! It's not fuzzy at all.

  8. Awesome! I don't think it looks fuzzy.

  9. That is a great photo, I'm really liking it, and on here it doesn't look very blurry.

  10. Laura aka LaLaGirl says

    This is nice! I wish I had more pictures of me and my mom. (Hell, any! I can't even think of any pictures of just the two of us!)

  11. GrammyMouse says

    doesn't look fuzzy to me! Looks like a loving mom & daughter! I was always hiding behind the camera & my mom didn't take many pics either… it would be nice to have such a "fun" one like this. mine is passed on… so hug your for me!

  12. Blommi (formerly reddoggie) says

    What a nice pic to have right before Mother's Day :)

  13. Ron Cooper says

    Cozy pair!

  14. Life Is A SandCastle says

    Family time is the best time:)

  15. outlet coach handbags says

    I'm really liking it,I miss my mather when I see it.

  16. "Miss" Anita says

    What a great shot! (Aren't mommies the best?!)

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