Disney Fairies book 1 Prilla’s Talent by Stefan Petrucha – Children’s book review

Disney's Prilla's TalentPie has an on again off again love of reading. She is so unlike me in that area, I will read just about anything, Pie will not. She’ll only read it if she “thinks” she’s interested in it. *SIGH* I love finding genres and styles that she will  actually read. We recently received a review copy of Disney’s Prilla’s Talent. This is the first in an all-new series of graphic novels that feature Tinker Bell and her friends. 

Since this was a completely new style for Pie I wasn’t sure what she would think. It’s always a good sign when she immediately sits down and reads the book all the way through. She said she loved that there was more than one story in the book and wanted to know if there were any more in the series. Her favorite story was Best of Friends which tells the tale of how Tinker Bell and Rain’s friendship was tested. She liked how they made up and stayed friends.

There are three other stories in the book including

  • Prilla’s Talent – Tinker Bell helps Prilla find her special fairy ability.
  • Like the Wind – the story of the fastest-flying fairy of all – Vidia!
  • The Sound of Friendship – can Tinker Bell repair a special bell in time for the Big Blue Bell Festival?

True, the book was a quick read for my nine year old, but I know that it is one that she will come back to and read again. I think it’s a great way to introduce a different writing style to your child. It ‘s always nice to mix things up a bit and get them thinking.

Being a Tink fan myself I really enjoyed the book as well. I love the graphic comic book nature of the book and the vivid colors are a big plus. The short stories are heart warming and funny but not too over the top or smooshy. IA great book for any Disney fairy lover young or old! I can’t wait to get the next book, Tinker Bell and the Wings of Rain” which comes out in June 2010.

Released April 13, 2010, Disney Fairies Graphic Novel #1: Prilla’s Talent is recommended for ages 9-12. Each novel in the series is 80 pages long, full-color and available in paperback or hardcover.


Like The Wind - Disney Graphic Novel Prilla's Talent - Disney Graphic Novel Best of Friends - Disney Graphic Novel 

~ FTC compliant disclosure: I received a review copy of Prillas talent from Papercutz. All opinions are my own, yours may differ. Please see my full disclosure info here.



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