Snow! and am I nuts?

2010 has come in with a vengeance! It’s been snowing here all day and doesn’t show signs of letting up. The snow is nearly up to the windows and I can’t see the picnic table anymore! Super Genius shoveled his way out to the animals twice today to feed and water them and both times the tracks were covered before he got back in the door!

We’ve spent the day watching movies, (Iron Will & White Fang, love them, yes I cried at both!) reading (The Heretic’s Daughter, very good!) and playing video games! Yesterday we went to a friend’s house for dinner (Yummy BBQ pork sandwiches) and played a few games, Five Crowns was a new card game Santa brought my daughter, it was fun and quick, and a game of SPOONS which I’d never heard of before but was really lively (and a bit dangerous!)

I was bored so videoed the snow for you! Don’t mind Super Genius in the background talking to Rocky (who we’re dog sitting) and our Ginger, he’s using his doggy voice, lol, don’t tell him you heard it :) You can also hear that darn bird squawking int he background, Kooky’s an almost 10 year old cockatiel and a big PITA! We love him though. And of course Pie’s whining about how she doesn’t have any Wii games, didn’t she just get 2 for Christmas?

Super Genius also decided to tell me today that we might be moving soon, very soon. WTH! I look out the window and I think he’s insane, I want to hibernate not move! His bum is going to be out there digging up my frozen plants because I’m not leaving them behind! No way am I leaving my great grandma’s double tiger lilies, or my dad’s seven sister’s rose bush or the peonies, hostas, coneflowers, mint, clematis, Japanese & Asiatic lilies, and others I can’t even think of with all that snow on top of them. We’re not forgetting to take my rocks ether, yep you heard me right, “MY ROCKS”! I brought them with me from our old house and I’m taking them with me when I leave! Darn it! I have posts and fence and chicken stuff out back that will need to be unburied. Cages, stakes and not to mention the chicken coop! How in the world are we going to put up a new chicken yard at the new place when the ground is rfozen?? GGrrr…. Oh good grief, I wish it was spring! Boxes! crap, I need lots of boxes, I hate boxes, I hate packing! I’ve only had to move once since we’ve been together and it’s definitely NOT something I enjoy doing, let alone in January in Northwestern Pennsylvania! In fact I’d rank it as my top hated thing ever! Okay I’m done being dramatic. How about another picture of the snow to show you why I’m complaining so!

That would be Super Genius giving his brother’s car a push. What in the world possessed him to venture out in this weather is beyond me. Am I crazy for just wanting to curl up and stay warm?

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  1. 1
    Catherine Anne says

    Its beautiful!!! We are just wishing for our snow fall today to stay on the ground. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2

    It is beautiful! I love staying home and watching it, just not the going out into it part!

  3. 3

    Oh no! Moving and snow and cold all at once. Not sure I could handle that!!

    The snow missed us this time (we're in southern PA) and we are really dreaming of moving south…

  4. 4
    JDaniel4's Mom says

    It sounds like you have time to pack if you have boxes. I can't imagine moving a family in winter.

  5. 5

    …and it's STILL snowing! Honestly Shelley I can't imagine moving in this either but it looks like we will be, yuck! If we didn't have all of our family here I would consider moving south myself!

    Yep JDaniel4's Mom, I have time to pack just not the gumption to do so!

  6. 6
    GrammyMouse says

    I hate snow! & cold… and we have had plenty of that already this year!

    Did hubs' tell you where you are moving too?

    I would move in a hear beat if it was a warm, dry climate… actually hope too soon!! we tried a couple years ago & it just wasn't the right time to sell, at least here…

    Hope where ever it is , it is a wonderous & suprising new place for you & your family!!

    Faythe @GMT

  7. 7
    kalea_kane says

    Oh dear! It was absolutely lovely, but I hear you. I would totally want to hibernate.
    My husband is from PA, and I spent half my life in California and half in Rhode Island (with 2 years in Maine), and although I think the snow is lovely, I told my husband that I do not want to live in the snowy states unless I do not have to commute to work.

    I hope things look up soon, but again, it really is quite lovely to look at . Stay warm. :)

  8. 8

    You are right kalea_kane, it's lovely, but a mess to drive in! Luckily we seen a stranger today – the sun! It melted a tiny bit of it anyway!

    @Faythe, we are only moving about 10 miles away! 10 miles in 4 feet of snow is to going to be fun though! We're hoping some melts before everything is finalized! If our children were out of school moving south would be an option. We want them to finish here though so we have many years ahead!

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