Random Ramblings of a Mad Woman #2

You know what? I just remembered that earlier I had thought up an awesome amazing blog post that actually had some substance and a bit of humor. As usual, I forgot it. Shoulda Coulda Woulda wrote it down!

I do that all the time though, do you? This blogging thing, it’s crazy. Sometimes I lay in bed and fall asleep writing these awesome amazing blog posts in my head! Or I’m folding laundry and the words just start running clearly through my head. Doing dishes staring out the window,? Yep, seamless chatter runs through my brain that would be perfect blog fodder.

Hmmm… maybe it isn’t the blogging thing that’s crazy… maybe it’s me? Seriously, it seems like I only have bright ideas while I’m doing mindless tasks, does that make sense? Is there a name for this syndrome?

WOOT! I just won a Swagbuck when I went to search The Graphics Fairy for a perfect picture for my post! Sweetness :)

Maybe my problem is a short attention span, or intermittent-bursts-of-short-attention-span-when-I should-be-doing-something-important-itis? I would now like to be know n as The Queen of Run On Sentences! Can I rename the blog that? No?

Know what else I find weird about this crazy blogging thing? Using the word I, like a zillion times in each post. It’s always there, can’t avoid using it very often. Some lesson taught sometime in grade school must be stuck in my skull. Something about not using or beginning every sentence in an essay with “I”. I would go nuts trying to find other ways to write papers without beginning a sentence with “I”. Do you know how hard that is to do when you’re blogging, about yourself? Also, I’m a horrible comma user. I should be banned from using them, ever. I know I use them way too much but they seem to make my run on sentences look better. A comma makes a nice pause. I use it for affect, but it doesn’t really work! Go ahead yell at me, I know it’s wrong!

Crap! Guess what? If you get excited about winning a Swagbuck and switch tabs for 2 minutes to post about it, then get off topic and ramble then you will lose your buck :( %@$#/

This Swag Buck(S) has not been awarded and is no longer available.

That stinks, making note for future reference, if I can remember…

* Thanks & image credit to The Graphics Fairy.

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  1. 1

    Whatever your problem is…I have it too, but I usually use the little dots…see. I will definitely be visiing swagbugs and the graphics fairy…..bye for now.

  2. 2

    Thanks for the great and funny blog today. I use the extra …. LOL… Have a great 2010

    Yahoo ch'd my email pg and having a hard time doing anything today. When I typ0e email only 1 line shows, so you don't see what you just wrote above..trying to reply on blog is taking forever and I am an old friend.. What the heck,, I wasn't promised an easy road in life. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. or do they??

  3. 3

    Lol! Cindi, maybe I need some dots too ;)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the post Brenda! I hope you can work things out with your Yahoo Mail!

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