Remembering Papa

My mom and her sisters and brothers have been running themselves ragged this past month. Trying to keep Papa in comfort and keep him entertained. He had been in the soldier’s & Sailor’s home for several years and then just recently moved to the VA Hospital Hospice for the past month. It’s been a long month for my mom. I haven’t seen her much because she and Lee have been driving back and forth to the city every day. It’s hard to know what to say when someone you love is going through such a hard thing. Mom was there for me when we lost my dad and I tried to be there for her while she was losing hers. I don’t think I succeeded very well. I don’t know how to make it better. 

What I do know is that Papa’s last month was made special by Mom & her sister, my Aunt B.) . They spent days, and nights, at the hospital with Papa playing poker with straws, taking Papa outside during the early part of November when we had an Indian Summer of sorts, bringing him lottery tickets to scratch and making sure he had everything he asked for that was remotely possible. They’ve spent hours talking and remembering and I know that when Mom’s ready she’ll tell me more about the things they talked about.

Papa is a man who will be missed by so many. He had a mind that was always working, always thinking of a new invention or solution to a problem. A sense of humor that makes you chuckle, giggle, laugh or throw your hands up and wonder how he comes up with such things! I knew Papa as a kind and funny grandpa. I will never forget how he grew flowers around his flag pole because Grandma loved them, doted on his beagle Minnie and “let” the grandchildren feed her crackers, challenged me to a tomato growing competition and won by a mile, snuck a pinch of snuff into my toddler’s mouth before I could stop him (bad Papa! lol), letting me call him Papa Smurf for so many years! When I was little and mom & dad were going through divorce, I remember Papa telling me he loved me and saying he’d always be there if there were anything I needed, and he was. He wasn’t a man who said his feelings out loud like that very often and it meant so much to me, it still does and always will.

remembering papa

We’ll miss you Papa Smurf! Give Grandma a hug and Minnie a cracker for me! Hugs and Kisses always!

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    shannon717717 says

    im so sorry about your papa,im happy to hear his last days on this earth was filled with joy and fun.i know what its like to try and comfort someone whom had an imediate family member pass.just a few months ago my sister's son(my nephew)passed away only 3weeks old due to s.i.d.s.she was devastated and i just didnt know what to say or how to make her feel yes i can relate.your mother has to greive her own way and you cant be so hard on your self.just keep your arms open when she's ready for a hug or to even talk about it give her your ear.please dont feel like your not doing much,just being there is alot!many prayers for your family.

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    It's often hard to know what to say and what to do when a loved ones is lost. It's wonderful that you have such fond, pleasant and joyous memories of him. I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Take care… much love and comfort to your family at this time.

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    Thank yo so very much for your kind words ladies! It means a lot to me and my family. We'll get through it as we must! Papa is after all in a much happier place now and with those he loves! His sense of humor sure will be missed though!

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