Cook’s Ham (Giveaway CLOSED 12/13)

Do you love ham as much as we do? I mean Yum! It’s both a holiday tradition and an everyday meal option in our home. We usually have ham for Christmas dinner, Easter dinner and sometimes just because! Ham is so versatile and I absolutely love having leftover ham in the fridge or freezer.

Cook’s Hams are slow-cure with natural ingredients like pure cane sugar, real honey, brown sugar and maple syrup. They’re then smoked using real hickory wood. Since 1983 Cook’s has been committed to offering affordable and high quality products to the consumer. Their high standards shine through with every delicious bite!

I suggest using the store locator to see if Cook’s is available in your area. General cooking directions are helpful if you’ve thrown out the package before reading! For more information on Cook’s ham and how to prepare a holiday ham and glazes, please visit HamTV, or find a variety of creative recipes using ham at HamIdeas. HamTV is my favorite part of the site! I love the old fashioned commercial style videos with that awesome voice-over! So fun!

Win It!

One lucky reader will win a coupon for a FREE Cook’s Ham (up to $30.00 value)! You can get quite a large ham for $30!

How to Enter:
Leave me a comment with your favorite ways to use up leftover ham!

(this step is mandatory & to be completed before using any extra entries! Follow this rule to avoid having entries deleted! Make sure to either leave your email with your comments or that it is visible on your profile. You do not have to have a blog to enter, only an email address!)

Extra Entries:
Please leave a new comment, with links if applicable, for each extra entry to be counted.

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Rules: Follow the directions above! This quickie giveaway is open only to U.S. residents and will run until Dec 13th, 11:59 est. I will choose the winner using Winner will be posted here as well as receive an email! Winner must contact me with their mailing address within 48 hours to claim prize or I will redraw. If you are reading this post on Facebook or in an email you must click through to the original post on my blog for entries to count.

* FTC compliant disclosure: I was sent a $30.00 Cook’s Ham coupon to thank me for the time taken to share this giveaway with you. No other compensation was received. *

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  1. 1
    YouthfulTips says

    I like making hash with it (diced potatoes, corn, onions and diced ham). Thanks!

  2. 2
    YouthfulTips says
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    furygirl3132 says

    I learned that if you cook a bone in ham, you can use the bone to use in soups and stews for great flavor. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway, this sure would be great for Christmas dinner!


  4. 4
    YouthfulTips says

    Picking the perfect ham: skinless/shankless ham is the best bet if you want less fat.


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    I use the leftovers it at breakfast.

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    furygirl3132 says

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  11. 11
    Welcome to My World says

    YUMMY hamd and american cheese paninis.

  12. 12
    Welcome to My World says

    You can turn ordinary ham sandwiches into finger sandwich hors d’oeuvres with Horseradish, Dijon-style mustard, chutneys and salsas.

  13. 13
    Welcome to My World says

    I Subscribed and confirm to A Hen's Nest via rss/email.

  14. 14

    We make scalloped potatoes and ham with leftover.

    Also cut up ham into small pieces and use in scrambled eggs, pizza topping etc.

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    follow blog as jelaws5

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    I love to make corn and ham chowder.
    thank you
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    You can use the ham bone for making soups and stews.
    thank you
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    Dolphin Girl says

    I like to put it in a breakfast egg and potato casserole we love!

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    I like Cornmeal Pancakes With fried Ham Steak

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    My favorite way to use leftover ham is in Senate Bean Soup

  30. 30

    Bone-in ham only needs to be heated up. It makes it easy to shred the ham to use as leftovers and leaves the bone to be used in soup.

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    I like to make ham salad

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    I learned that buying a ham with the bone in assures more juice and flavors.

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    I follow you on twitter and tweeted

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    I love to make ham omelets!

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    I learned that I can take the leftover bone from my cooked ham and use it to make soup. My email is easily seen in my profile

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    I'm sorry, but I do not see my first entry! I posted that I se my leftover ham in omelets. I wonder why Blogger lost my post?

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    Marilyn's Money says

    I love leftover ham in scalloped potatoes and potatoe soup, please enter me, thanks,

  53. 53
    Marilyn's Money says

    I went to ham tv, learned bone in hams just need a little heating up and bones are great for soup, thanks

  54. 54
    jerseygirl137 says

    Well after having straight up ham sandwiches my favorite way to use left over ham is ham salad.
    I also use the left over ham to make bean and potato soup.


  55. 55
    jerseygirl137 says

    I found an awesome recipe for Potato and Ham Steak Soup.


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    jerseygirl137 says

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    i use ham leftover in my salads and sandwiches.

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    lmurley2000 says
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    lmurley2000 says
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    lmurley2000 says

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  63. 63

    I love leftover ham in pea soup and scalloped potatoes.
    oheeyore at hotmail dot com

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    I learned that frozen hams should be used within 3 months of being placed in the freezer (for best results).
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    we use the leftovers in breakfast burritos and ham and bean soup
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    I love ham sandwiches! I also have a recipe for ham and root (sweet potatoes, carrots ect) soup which is super yummy!

  72. 72

    The spiral sliced ham is available in four flavor profiles: hickory smoked, honey, brown sugar and maple.

    I'm hungry!

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    I like to use them to make Ham Omelette!

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    The useful tip I like "Picking the Perfect Ham", very informative!

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    Oh boy, I put it in everything from mac n' cheese to extra flavoring for my black eyed peas!

  84. 84

    I like to make ham fried rice!

  85. 85

    Nothing is quite as good as a leftover ham sandwich, but I also love making a really hearty potato soup with the ham in it.

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    i love using leftover ham in soups and casseroles. my favorites are potato, ham and cheese soup or cheesey ham and grits casserole. thanks clallen at ntin dot net

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    i learned something that i didn't already know. i learned that buying a ham with the bone in it assures more juice and flavors, thanks clallen at ntin dot net

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    I learned how to but the shank end of a ham, something I've always had trouble with!

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    Blogged here:

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    well the best idea for leftover ham is a ham sandwich but other good ideas include denver omelet, quiche lorraine (similar), or in potato soup. thanks!
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    I learned that a picnic butt comes from the front let. Makes perfect sense, huh?

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    Oh, golly. Here's my first entry. My favorite way to use up leftovers is ham and asparagus with pasta and cheddar cheese. Just throw it all together with some fried sage and enjoy.

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    I follow.

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    I'm a subscriber.

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    I have your button and your text link at

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    "Miss" Anita says

    My favorite way to use up leftover ham is simply to make sandwiches. :)

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    "Miss" Anita says

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    Boring, I guess, but my favorite way to use leftover ham is in sandwiches. Lots of lettuce and mustard! Maybe cheese.
    HobartsMama at AOL.COM

  114. 114

    In a semi-boneless ham, two of three bones removed so it’s easier to carve.
    HobartsMama at AOL.COM

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    Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug} says

    My favorite ways to use up leftover ham are in casseroles and sandwiches :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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    So many ways to use it. My fav is simply to dice and put in scrambled eggs for me and for hbby I cut a nice slice and fry it up with his eggs.

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    We use it for ham & egg breakfasts and throw it in soups.

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    The Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust, I love pumpkin cheesecake

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    I like to toss my extra ham into casseroles or use for sandwiches!

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    I’ll be using my ham leftovers for ham salad or scalloped potatoes with ham or split pea soup. Thanks!

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    I learned that the best way to thaw a frozen ham is to place the ham in your refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours depending on the size of the ham.

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    Their boneless ham is fully cooked and ready to eat

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    I love to make homemade cheesy ham scalloped potatoes….yummy!

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    Smart Cents Mom says

    We use the ham leftovers for sandwiches or in omelets. Thanks!

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