Necco Wafers candy Review

Mmm! I was so happy to be asked to review Necco wafers! I hadn’t had them in years and was excited to taste them again. When the box came and I opened it up to find a bag of original flavor junior wafers and a few rolls of chocolate junior wafers the kids were ready to try them! They had never had Necco wafers before so it was a real treat for them! Mr.T. instantly liked the original flavored ones and hoarded a handful of mini sleeves in his room. Pie was less impressed with them but she did like the chocolate flavored ones and shared a few with her dad. Every time Mr.T. would see me eating a sleeve of the Necco he would ask me if there were any left, lol. I would toss him one and off he would go to enjoy them. I was really surprised at how much he liked them! Score brownie points for Necco because anything that gets my teenage son to say Thank you for and then give me a genuine smile every time I throw a pack at him is awesome!

I need to go buy some more because I’ve gotten used to having them as a snack in the afternoon and the boy keeps asking me if there’s any left! I am in love with the fact that they are all-natural now, have no artificial flavors and are gluten and fat free! Yum! The pink clove and white cinnamon Neccos are my favorite but they are all delicious! They also come in yellow lemon, orange, gray licorice, wintergreen purple and mocha, milk, dark and white chocolate flavors!

These thin candies have a rich history dating back to their creation in 1847!

  • 1913 – NECCO Wafers were taken on an Arctic expedition by explorer Donald MacMillan as a source of nutrition for his team and as treats for Native American children.
  • World War II – NECCO Wafers were commissioned by the American government as treats for soldiers and were prized for their durability when shipping overseas.

Does anyone else like Necco wafers? What’s your favorite flavor? I’m thinking they’ll make a good stocking stuffer for the kids this year!

*I was given a free bag of Necco Wafers,+ a few extra rolls of chocolate ones, to facilitate my candid and honest review. No other compensation was received.*

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    I could never say the name of them as a kid I called them the wax paper coins. I loved the white ones also!

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    JDaniel4's Mom says

    We like them as children in my house. We got in trouble when we pretended they were communion wafers.

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