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Leslie Blodgett has been wildly successful in her quest to make women look good with her 100% pure Bare Escentuals line. Now Leslie wants us to smell good too! Created just for Sephora, Perfume Diaries, is a new limited edition line of sensual fragrances to transport you through Leslie’s travels, memories and life.

I had the opportunity to try a small sample of Bare Skin, just the first scent of the series. I am so happy I did! When I first opened the package I was struck by the strength of the aroma. It wasn’t overpowering, but it was strong. Bare Skin wraps its tendrils around you and envelops you in a mist of tropical paradise! The scent may take you back to memories of hot summer days, sultry evenings or romantic afternoon walks in the sand. What a wonderful way to bring a burst of sunshine into a dreary day or a cold winter day. I cannot wait to see what Leslie’s next fragrance will be!

How Bare Skin was born:
The first scent in the series, it is reminiscent of an experience during a trip to Mexico, where
Leslie cart-wheeled fancy-free down a sunny beach while emanating true, unbridled joy. “When I have an experience, I like to have a scent behind it. Bare Skin, which is what Mexico reminds me of, is the way you feel when the sun is beating down on you during the day, but then you go out at night and you’re still sizzling from the warmth of the day which mingles with the night air and the music.”

“Glowing, sun-kissed skin has the power to turn heads. I wanted to recreate that attractive force with notes that draw you in: creamy sensuality, caressing florals and uninhibited musk,” says Stephen Nilsen, the celebrated Givaudan perfumer who helped concoct Bare Skin. “With Bare Skin, you will find yourself basking in the sun, with your feet in the sand, after one spritz.”

Visit Leslie’s website to learn more!

To celebrate the launch of her exclusive new fragrance collection Leslie Blodgett will be making two in store appearances! To have the opportunity to meet Leslie, RSVP for these locations.

  • Times Square, NYC on 11/18 RSVP here!
  • Sephora International Plaza, Tampa, FL on 11/19 RSVP here!


Join Leslie’s Facebook fan page or follow her on Twitter @LBperfumediary to keep up to date with events and promotions!

*I was given a free sample of Bare Skin on behalf of Sephora and Leslie Blodgett Perfume Diaries only to facilitate my candid and honest review. No other compensation was received.*

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