I apologize in advance, I need to rant!

The Graphics FairyMy personal blog posts have started to become a little too few for my taste. I’ve been so busy lately trying to get reviews done and sort out giveaways that need posted! I am quite behind and I’m going to have to rein myself in and stop accepting new ones until I get some done! Good news for all of you though, there will be some nice reviews and a few giveaways coming up soon!

Why have I fallen behind? A couple of reasons:

My washer has decided to play games with me again! Last week, the day before Pie’s birthday party, I was washing dishes and felt water on my feet. I looked down a d there was a lake on the kitchen floor! The washer overflowed all over, crept behind everything it could, almost got to the computer!!! ACK! It took every dirty and clean towel in the house plus the 3 throw rugs to sop up the clean water! So now what I have to do when I want to do laundry is turn on the water valve, sit there until it fills up and starts to wash, turn off the water valve, wait for it to hum for and hour before I remember to run and turn the valve back on so it can fill up for the rinse/spin cycle. Try to remember to listen for it to start back up so that I can turn the valve off again. Let me tell you, this puts a real damper (haha) on any activities I have planned, Heaven help me if I forget and leave the house while the water is still running, I’ve been having recurring nightmares that I will! Here I thought I hated laundry, that hate was nothing compared to this hatred of the ever growing pile in my bathroom, and the ancient beastly washer that stands in my way of a clear bathroom floor and uninterrupted day!

We have had health insurance through the state for the past several years. It’s something we haven’t been able to afford on our own for awhile. I have been so thankful for it, knowing if the children are sick we wouldn’t have to worry about being able to see the doctor. Well after a semi-annual reporting we’ve been told that we no longer qualify. I expected as much eventually, but still ,it’s a big blow. The thing that upset me most was we were told 2 weeks before that all was well! Then yesterday a letter saying we weren’t eligible any longer! Why give us false hope and then snatch it away? Now I’m in a scramble trying to figure out what to do. We may, or at least the children may, be eligible for the CHIP program. I have no idea how it works or what the guidelines are yet, but I am hoping and praying we will qualify for a low cost plan. I need to get on the phone next week and find out all the information. I am just worried! This is the worst season for this to happen in! With all this sickness and flu going around, we at least had the reassurance that if they did get ill they could be cared for. I do not like this helpless feeling from not having health insurance! Oh boy does it ever make me anxious and extremely fidgety. I cannot concentrate on anything else! I think I’ve become obsessed with making sure they take their multi-vitamin, vitamin D, and vitamin C drops! Can children take Vitamin E? I’ll have to research that one… Hmm, I need to get some orange juice in the house too!

The Graphics FairyThat’s another reason I’ve been so busy! I’ve been rearranging dentist appt. to try and get Mr.T. & Pie in before next week! We spent half the day at the dentist Thursday for Pie’s 6 month cleaning )8am) then they arranged to have her come back at 4pm for 2 fillings, she still has one more to go, they will do that one on the 14th. Mr.T. also has an appt. on the 14th for his cleaning! Guess what the times are? 9:30am for Pie and 4pm for Mr.T.! Lol, another full day of dropping off and picking up kids to school and dentist appointments!! I am so grateful for the dentist office we have though. They have been very understanding and caring!

What else, what else??

Oh, Mr.T. had come down with a fever on Wed evening. 102.3! You have to understand that Mr.T. never gets sick! When he gets sick, I worry. It was very strange though, he had an off again on again fever ranging from 102.8 to normal all day Thursday and then it was fine! So weird! His cough is still there and he does have a bit of a dry throat. Pie and I have been having a dry throat too. The humidifier doesn’t seem to be doing it’s job!

Throw in girl scouts, cheer leading practice & games, trying to fit in my 3 hours of Jazzercise, a week (for my sanity), Pie’s birthday party last week, my parents moving, and all kinds of other things I’d rather not get into, this past month and half has been so crazy, and trying, and slightly depressing.

We are not going to let life’s lemons get us down though! am going to do my very best to see the bright side and keep on smiling! I just need to keep away this worry about the children getting sick, it won’t leave me alone! I feel a bit better after getting that all out! Sometime we need to just let go and say what’s bothering us, often times it helps me to sort things out in my head or even come up with a solution or plan. Now I’ll go sleep on it and hopefully wake up with a brighter outlook!

Thank you for listening!

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    So much on your plate! I know I always feel better when I let it out. I wish you the best.

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    I had that same problem with my washer a few years ago. Ugh! It all happens at once, doesn't it? And always at the worst possible time. Things will get better. They always do eventually.

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    JDaniel4's Mom says

    I thought this would make your day

    I have an award for you over at The JDaniel4’s Mom. Here's a direct link: Hope you'll stop by and pick it up.


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