Enjoying a dreary rainy day isn’t so hard after all!

Super Genius was home today, it’s hard to roof in the rain! I had planned on having a quiet day at home and try and get some blog work done before the weekend, I am so behind!

Scratch that, hubby drug me out of the house to do some errands. I didn’t want to go, it’s dreary and I’ve just gotten over a head cold, but I sucked it up and went.

I should’ve stopped complaining and just enjoyed it, and eventually I did! We took Ginger with us because she was frantic not to be left at home, silly dog. The day, although dreary, was gorgeous! We enjoyed the moody blue gray sky and the bright orange, yellow and reds of the fall leaves. I love looking out the back window and seeing the leaves swirl behind us as we drive. The falling leaves as we drove down the back country roads were just beautiful and soul filling!

A highlight of the day was when we stopped to pick up a payment for a snowmobile my hubby is selling. We got to talking with the boy’s mother and she was so nice! She had a whole 10×10 building of rabbits! She shows them and has such adorable bunnies! Fat little ones with itty bitty ears and fat puffy cheeks, in all different colors! They were SO cute! She had imported ones and ones she’s bred! There must have been at least 50! She also had 2 cute billy goats and some chickens. Of course, me being the chicken lady, I asked her what kinds she had. She didn’t know, just banties. Then she gave me some!! Just gave them to me. A little Momma banty and her 9 chickies that are around a month or 2! I was ecstatic!

She hadn’t wanted any more and was looking for someone to take these ones off her hands, I was just the gal to do it :) “Gabby” and her little mini flock are a bit too small to go in with our big hens and roos so we put them in the old pen I had for this spring’s chicks. They’re set up in a nice doghouse we don’t use anymore and they are loving it!

Just check them out and tell me you could have resisted them! Hmm, that brings my total flock up to 31!

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  1. 1

    Because you can never have quite enough chickens. :)

  2. 2

    Well duh! Of course not , I must have more! :)

  3. 3
    Storm, The Psychotic Housewife says

    Oh! I am so jealous! They are beautiful!

  4. 4

    Thank you! They are just adorable and tiny!

  5. 5

    Good one Henrietta, am just going through all your posts with the tag “chickens” and have to comment on this posting. Isn’t it remarkable how we come to find our chickens? And often the most unlikely source results in the most satisfying finds!
    Have just picked up five black australorps six weeks old and they are loving going around my garden scratching and finding little crawling bugs whilst I finish off their chicken coop.

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