Play together for Family Game Night!

Tonight join Hasbro for National Family Game Night! I love this idea. When I was little we played games every Sunday. I remember going to church, then grocery shopping at Loblaws (ack, I’m old) then playing a family game. before evening service. My parents weren’t the kind that let you win either, no, they were ruthless, especially Dad. More often than not we played Monopoly and Dad was THE banker (an accountant in real life, among other things). He played to win and he usually did! I remember getting SOOOO excited the very few times that I beat him :) and I confess I was never very good at letting my kids win when they were small. Now I play to win, but still get beat! lol.

I still love games though, we have a (large) closet full of board and card games that we’ve collected over the years! I like to pick up used ones at yard sales and flea markets. The kids also get a game each for birthdays and Christmas. Playing games together can really bring you closer and remind you that it’s a lot of fun to laugh and play together. You’re never too old for a board game! The walls come down and suddenly your teenager is giggling and laughing and not worrying about “being cool”, your tween is seeing a side of you that you sometimes forget to bring out, and everyone is just enjoying each others company! Follow your game with a good movie if you have time and you’ll have a night that everyone can look back on and get excited about doing again.

Here are some great ideas from Hasbro:

Schedule It!
Mark game Night on the calender just like an appointment! It will give the family something to look forward to.

Involve everyone!
Take turns choosing what game you’ll play and the snacks you’ll have. This way everyone can have their say.

Make it Tradition!
Create a special theme, favorite game night dinner or activity that turns it into wonderful memories.

Keep Score!
Create a way to recognize the past week’s winner. I see something along the lines of a “Championship Belt” (watch wrestling much? lol)

Don’t Forget!
Have an alarm set to remind the family to get off the computer and start having fun!

Mix It Up!
Invite neighbors, grandparents, other family members or friends to come join the fun!

Fun Snacks!
Have some yummy munchies nearby so you aren’t stuck waiting for the kids to raid the fridge! Popcorn, cheese, cookies, pizza bites, anything fun & fast!

But most importantly; HAVE FUN!

What are your plans for tonight? I think we’ll play either Monopoly, Yahtzee, or UNO attack (if we have any batteries)

*Nope, didn’t get anything at all for this post, wasn’t even asked to share it. I just wanted to :)

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