My toes died and went to Heaven

My feet - post pedicureI’ve just had a life changing experience, seriously! My friend asked me (very) last minute (thanks! Had to super shave my legs after dropping Pie at school!) to go along with her to get pedicures. Hmm, this is not something I’ve ever had done, or even thought about doing. But she really, really wanted to go! Her hubby is going to be home from Iraq (after a year long tour! WooHoo!) on Monday so she’s sprucing herself up for his arrival! We figure this was a pretty good excuse for the splurge anyway :)

We went to a Diamond Nails and let me tell you, I wish I was still there! Since it was our very first time, we decided to get the “Deluxe” package, why not right! Our feet deserved it! Have any of you ladies out there been to get pedicures? If so why didn’t anyone tell me before how wonderful it is?

They sit you in these big comfy chairs, you put your ugly old feet in a miniature foot Jacuzzi. It’s warm and you think, hmm this is nice, then they turn on the water jets – AHHHHH! But wait! They turn on the chair MASSAGE!!! Holy crap! I didn’t know I was getting a massage too! Oh my goodness! That chair was pure relaxation, I was feeling sore after yesterday’s Jazzercise class, no more! My back feels great now. After an hour of being pampered I have to say it was SO worth it! My toes have never been so cute, now I need to wear flip flops everywhere to show them off!

You know what the weird part is? I thought Super G. would call me crazy for wasting my (his) money on something like this, but he asked me “Why didn’t you get your nails done too?” HA! I just looked at him, well maybe I will!

Hey girl, when are we going to get our nails done? ;)

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  1. 1

    I would love to!!!!!

  2. 2

    Cute little piggies! I wish that I could splurge, but right now the only pedicures I get are when the dog licks my foot, and that's not at all pleasant!

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    crochet lady says

    Those toes are bea-uti-ful!
    I've never had a pedicure either, but secretly always wanted to.

    Thanks again for hosting the b.c. giveaway. I mentioned your blog in my last post and you inspired me to do my own little giveaway to pass on the fun.
    Did you get my email address, if not, here it is again –

  4. 4

    Oh such decadence! I admire you for going for it and I think it so sweet of your husband.
    I've never had a professional manicure or pedicure because I'm just too cheap. I always rationalize how the money could be better spent and somehow, that leaves me out of the picture!
    Your toes are lovely my dear:)

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