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I just spent my morning catching up on the Medium episodes that I DVR’d last spring. I cannot decide weather having DVR is a curse or a blessing. I always end up taping my favorite shows’ entire season because no one else cares to watch it and I cannot watch some of my shows when the kids are around. I’ve been sneaking an episode here and there all summer. Today I finally finished the last 5 and made it to the season finale, Woohoo! Maybe I should have saved that last episode because I hated seeing those dreaded words…. “TO BE CONTINUED…”! What the heck! Can I just scream for a minute or two! 

At least this year I won’t have to wait until January or later to find out what happens, I just read today that season 6 of Medium will begin on Friday, Sept. 25th at 9pm!! I’m so excited! Also something new, it’s no longer on NBC! The show will now air on CBS, doesn’t really matter to me, I’ll watch it wherever it goes, of course it will probably be much later than everyone else since it will more than likely be recorded on my DVR.

I notice that Patricia Arquette is sporting a new short do, I love her in longer locks, but this shorter hairstyle is cute and must tie in somehow to the coma from the finale. The show is one of my favorites because I absolutely love the family dynamic, how Allison and Joe (Jake Weber) relate to each other and the way they handle situations and crisis is extremely believable. It’s nice to see a show take out the fluff and deal with real life in a way that makes it approachable. I think every actor in the show is perfect for their role, they couldn’t have come up with a better cast. Are there any other Medium fans out there who are anxiously awaiting the season premier? I’m counting the days!

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    The supernatural American TV drama series, Medium was launched on the NBC network on 3rd January, 2005. Patricia Arquette plays the lead role of Allison DuBois who works with the district attorney’s office at Phoenix.
    yhis is very good show . i usually watch it.

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