9/11 – Never Forget

Although we did not personally lose anyone close to us or our family in the 9/11 attacks, I will always remember that day with clarity and horror. Where was I? I was doing what a lot of Americans were doing, eating breakfast, playing with my almost 1 year old daughter after seeing my son off to school on the bus, getting ready to head to the Cancer center for my last chemo treatment. The two will forever be entwined in my head. The shock and disbelief of the people I watched on the screen that day, and in the following days and weeks, still overwhelms me. I cannot comprehend the hatred and cowardice that it took for those men to commit such horrific crimes. To take parents away from children, brothers, sisters, friends and co-workers, innocent people that did not have a chance to defend or stand up for themselves. I cannot begin to understand the loss and ache that that day left in the hearts of so many.

What I do understand is the feeling of oneness and love that was felt, even in our small town, throughout these last 8 years. Seeing and hearing all of the ways people were, and still are, reaching out to help and comfort those who need it. It truly does make me very proud to be an American. Proud and extrememly grateful to the men and women who fight to protect that American pride and Freedom. Proud of the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers and children of those soldiers that silently and solidly watch over our lives every day.

No, I will never forget. I thank God everyday for being able to raise my children in this beautiful land.

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    "Miss" Anita says

    Well-stated. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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    That wasn't just an attack on America, Henrietta. It was an attack on humanity! Every right thinking person on this earth felt the same!

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