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Surprises are so much fun! Audrey from Audrey’s Country Crafts surprised me with this lovely blog award! Audrey has the sweetest Etsy shop with all sorts of handmades and upcycled items. Audrey’s blog has a wonderful mixture of giveaways, Q & A with Etsy artists, and all around crafty goodness!

Audrey says I have to tell 7 things about myself to accept the award and then pass it on to 7 other blogs I like. Oh dear! I am horrible at these memes, but I will try!

  1. I was raised as an only child, but I actually have 5 half siblings and 4 step-siblings!!
  2. I am a paranoid, freak-a-zoid mom who is desperately trying not to be THAT mom!
  3. I giggle and laugh when I’m nervous, or angry, or sad, or just because.
  4. I love to crochet but haven’t picked up my hooks in months! I need some inspiration!
  5. Chickens make great pets! All 21 of them :)
  6. I cannot squish things! EWW yuck, I hate the crunch of a wasp or spider, someone else has to get rid of those things.
  7. I am very random, always changing my mind, and basically would forget my head if it wasn’t attached :)
Now to pass the Premio Meme Blog Award on to 7 other bloggers. This is no small feat, if you’ve ever looked at my Blog List then you know I follow a kazillion, jillion blogs and I love them all! How to choose just 7?!? Just Do It!!

In no particular order:

  1. Fractured Toy – Love this post!
  2. Scrapbook of a Closet Poet – We both have pups named Ginger :)
  3. Leslie Loves Veggies – She loves to read cookbooks too!
  4. RealWomenRealMoneyWorkFromHome – Great info on surveys, freebies & more
  5. Suburban Hooker – Just cause she’s fun :)
  6. The Pleasures of Homemaking – Inspiring and beautiful blog.
  7. The Graphics Fairy – I could live on this blog!

Done already! That was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be, now to notify the awardees!


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  1. 1

    Randomosity is the spice of life dear! Cool to meet another hookin' blogger! I'm the same way with my crochet although I've just been working on a shawl that I somehow felt inspired to pick up again after months lol. Happy weekend and good meeting you at #ThePRPlace party earlier!

  2. 2

    Just popping over to say HI! realized I read your blog & never comment! Congrats on the award. Later.

  3. 3

    ahhhh how sweet!!! I love it! thanks so much!

  4. 4

    Congratulations! Oh yes, I complain about meme's but it is so nice to know that someone actually reads my crap. Thank you so much!

    Wow. We sound alot alike. Random, freak, giggler and I don't have any chickens but I usually do act like a big chicken when I go to the doctor's.

    Everyone in my family except my dad, crocheted except me. I took the television apart and put it back together. Pick up those needles and make a chunky sweater for winter!

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