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http://graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/Why am I such a clutter freak-a-zoid? See my sidebars? They started out quite clean, but I keep finding stuff, stuff I like, stuff I don’t want to lose. See my pretty page background? It looks cluttered too. I like it though. Is it too dark? or brown? Something is not quite right, can’t put my finger on it, but it’s driving me nuts!
I asked Super Genius why the DVR record light was on as we were getting ready for bed. Our 14 year old son says “Oh, I was recording Ella Enchanted, you know, I thought you would want to watch it.” Lol! we own it on DVD. I think he just wants to watch it again, after all it’s a pretty funny movie!

I do not understand why I have a “Become A Fan” widget AND a “Networked Blogs” widget for Facebook. I cannot understand how they connect together on Facebook, or for that matter how to even work with them! They seem separate, but the same. It frustrates me – seriously. Help. Please.

An Ohio Covered BridgeWe set out to go to the beach today. The kids were excited since we have not been to the beach at all yet! It started storming as soon as we left the driveway. So… we stopped for ice cream at Cherry Hill Drive In. (Mint Chip in a waffle cone YUM!). The skies cleared, the sun shone, we headed towards the beach again. Got half way there and the sky turned black, lightning, and, rain. Took the scenic route home, halfway home guess what…….. CLEAR SKIES!! give up.

An Ohio Covered BridgeLook Ma! finally recovered my throw pillows! You will no longer see Santa Claus, snowmen and Christmas plaid on the couch this summer! It only took me 8 months to remember to make new slip covers! Some yard sale fabric and old shorts worked great ;)

Harley RideHarley RideSuper Genius took off on the bike this afternoon (was beautiful, see above rant) to go to the dentist. He calls home 10 min later, his chain BROKE 2 roads over. It ripped off the chain guard and broke the one cover piece, hit the tire bounced up and took out the tail light. He makes out like it was no big deal, but I’m thanking God that it happened on a dirt road at slow speed and not when he got to the main drag! He took the tractor and trailer to pick the bike up, his friend went along to help push the bike onto the trailer. This is what I see coming down the road, didn’t get out there fast enough with my camera to get a good pic, but you get the idea. LOL! I wonder how many people saw this Harley getting towed, haha!

This was my Monday, how was yours?


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    Hey! YOUR super genius looks sorta like MY super genius. Does this mean you're a motorcycle mama too? LOL.
    And you've got a tweenboy as well!
    Happy to have landed here, I'll be back for more adventures.

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