Lunch Box Rant

The first week of August is almost over… already! I can hardly believe it. Of course, this means the kids will be going back to school, back to learning, back to their friends and back to school lunch! School lunch is the rock in my shoe!

My teen likes to buy school lunch, which is fine with me, the high school and middle school seem to actually believe they’re supposed to feed the kids, he doesn’t complain and we’re both happy. For some reason the elementary school lunches are pretty skimpy, and well, I hate to say it but they are just not very tasty! This means my daughter packs her school lunch everyday except for the occasional chicken tender or pizza day.

Packing lunch is hard! Maybe some parents have it easy, maybe their kids will eat a variety of lunchbox foods. Not my girl. She just doesn’t have an adventurous lunch eating ability. PICKY, PiCkY, picky is what I call her. Take for instance that yummy looking lunch image I found over there on the left. I think that looks great! My daughter however, would maybe eat the grapes, the juice box and perhaps the orange if it was cut up, in a container, with a fork. She wouldn’t touch the wrap though! Why I ask? Why in the name of all that is good and yummy won’t she eat it???

She would rather take a ham sandwich.. on white.. with no crust.. no cheese.. no condiments.. nadda. Ggggrrr.

Someone help me please! I was looking forward to the children going back to school until I remembered. OH CRAP, I have to pack lunch everyday. No, wait, I have to beg, plead, bribe, insist, talk ’til I’m blue-in-the-face every stinkin’ morning trying to get my dear sweet daughter to pack something healthy in her lunch. Something besides plain, limp, ham sandwiches, a juice box and a chocolate pudding cup. Every single day.

I’m open for ideas, suggestions, recipes, links, anything really that someone, anyone might share.

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  1. 1

    does she eat a good breakfast before going to school?

    does she get a healthy snack when she comes home from school?

    does she get a healthy dinner?

    if a ham sandwich on white bread is what she wants, give it to her with some fruit and let her enjoy her lunch.

    i know there are moms that are going to throw rocks at me. but i was your child. if she gets bored with it, she'll tell you.

    i think the biggest mistake parents make is forcing kids to eat what they don't want. it a makes food a chore…and sometimes a not very pleasant one at that!

  2. 2
    Henrietta says


    Yes, Yes & Yes to the first 3 Q's :)

    I don't force, no way! I don't want to be "that" mom, lol. I just wish I could find more lunch box foods that she would like.

    The problem is, last year she was always asking me what else she could take in her lunch. Everything I suggest she turns her nose up at though! She doesn't even care for peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.

    As you say, if she's eating healthy otherwise, I guess I should just let it go.

    Thanks for commenting!

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