Family Movie Night with Bolt

Our son Tom’s birthday is Sunday (14, Aaack), Chris didn’t want our daughter Ashley to feel left out so Disney’s “Bolt” came home with him today. Ashley, of course, has been dying to see this movie since Miley Cyrus is the voice of the young human star, Penny. I was excited to hear John Travolta as the voice of Bolt, the super dog! No disappointment there, his voice was as charming as ever! The story did skip ahead quite a bit and left me wondering how Penny & Bolt got to where they were 5 years later, but it moved along nicely after that leap.

I’ve got to tell ya, that fat little hamster, Rhino, kinda freaked me out! I mean, wow, did he have some crazy, gnarly, in your face energy going on! The kids thought he was hilarious and he was Hubby’s favorite character, go figure. Hubby even “giggled” at the scene where Rhino waves at the passerby while sitting atop a car, in a kayak, seriously a giggle! I loved Mittens and her tough girl attitude, her softness shines through and she captures your heart. All those silly pigeons made us really laugh! As always, I found a tearjerker scene or two, I’m not telling what they were though!

This movie turned out to be a wonderful 96 minutes of family time. I can see “Put a Pin in it” becoming an oft used phrase for the next week or so, lol! Don’t skip the credits or you’ll miss the sweet song that Miley & Travolta sing together, “I Thought I Lost You”. I loved the way their voices complemented each other. I’m off to look up which CD has this song on it, or to hunt down the soundtrack. I just know it will make a good birthday gift for the girl in October. In case you haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, I’m sharing a video I found on YouTube. Enjoy!


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    this is a great movie, my son loves it.
    found you on SITS, stopped by to say hello!

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    Henrietta says

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm going over to check your blog as well :)

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