Do you remember those sweet innocent chickies my hubby brought home from The Mill back at the end of May? Well, those precious babies are really growing up! Why just the other day one had the gall to give me attitude! Escape artists they may be, but still dear to my heart :) How could you not love those little faces?

This one has definite Chick-a-tude!


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  1. LOL…1st one looks like WTF?? and the 2nd won't even look at you….I think they both have a case of chickatude. Seriously…they're cool!!

  2. hahaha! they definitely look like they have Chick-A-Tudes…lol!!! what a great name….you should copy write it :) thanks so much for stopping by my place. enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. Henrietta says

    @Sally, lol I almost spewed my coffee out, you're right! The first one def has the WTF face Ha!

    @~Sandy~ Hmm, maybe you're on to something! Chick-A-Tude would have been a great blog name, oh well :)

  4. crochet lady says

    Chickens are funny critters! Is the first one a barred rock? We had some of those, I think there are pretty with their black and white stripes.

  5. Henrietta says

    @crochet lady, yes! the top one is a barred rock, I love them too, they are such a good tempered chicken and so pretty! The bottom one is an Americauna cross, they have the cute puffy cheeks :)

  6. Sapphire says

    Definitely Chicka tudes!!!
    Welcome to SITS!!!

  7. greedygrace says

    They're cute! And they both definitely look like they have attitude!

    I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

  8. I see what you mean. That second chick is verrrry intimidating.

    Stopping by to welcome you to SITS. We're glad you joined :-)

  9. Henrietta says

    @sapphire, greedygrace & carma, Thank you for the welcome ladies! I;m enjoying hopping around to everyone's blogs!

    The bottom one looks as if she is standing over a fellow chickies body! lol It goes with her face, but I swear the other chickie is just sunning herself :)

  10. The feather pattern on that first one is awesome! Welcome to the SITS community!

  11. Just like a teenage girl, you can see it in their eyes!!! lol

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day last week! I'm still trying to make my rounds, little by little!

    Have a happy Monday!

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