Smoke Wars

My Mom & Lee have been on a hard journey. Mom has not had a cigarette since May 1st! Lee since May 7th I believe, correct me please. I am SO very proud of both of them. It will soon be 2 months since they’ve lit up! To be honest, I wasn’t sure they would ever do it, not because I thought they couldn’t, but because I thought for sure that they just didn’t “want” to be non-smokers!
Chris and I had been nagging them to quit for quite some time, we even had the kids involved with the “save your grandparents” campaign :) Understand that we are ex-smokers ourselves, so it’s not like we don’t understand the habit and how hard it is to break! I would apologize for trying to guilt them out of smoking but I don’t feel badly about it :)
Anyway I know they’ve been fighting hard and Mom thought she would be cute and sent some pics to me the other day of them “falling off the wagon”.

Very Funny Mom & Lee ;)
Stakes for your garden don’t qualify as cigs, lol.


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  1. Goose Hill Farm says

    That is too funny! It's neat your parents have a good sense of humor about it all!


  2. LOL!!! Congrats to your parents!!! I'm a reformed smoker myself, 2 1/2 yrs for me. They are up to almost $8 a pack here in MI. That price hike made my dad and uncle quit about the same time as your parents. Way to go to your mom and Lee!!

  3. Henrietta says

    Oh Wow! $* is crazy! Hubby & I quit over 5 years ago and we're so glad we did! We feel better not to mention all the money we save :) Congrats to your Dad & Uncle!

  4. They're so cute!! Well. At least they can live vicariously through garden stakes. I guess a garden stake never killed anybody.

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