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Continuing with my Father’s Day A Thousand Words Thursday Theme, here’s a mini collage of my Dad when he was young. What a handsome guy! I remember Dad telling me about how he was always getting picked on because of how his ears stuck out. There was this kid on his bus that used to “flick” his ear all the time and how Dad hated it! Dad said that he could only put up with it so long until finally one day he just turned around and backhanded the kid. Dad said he didn’t get messed with after that! lol

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  1. 1

    Now this is a wonderful fathers day tribute!!! Great photos, I love seeing folks old family pics!! Happy ATWT!!

  2. 2

    Great pictures of your Dad! Very nice tribute.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. 3
    Bree Shaw says

    i would have backhanded them too. kids can be so cruel! what a handsome dad you have.

  4. 4
    Jennifer says

    Very awesome pics! And I agree, he's very handsome.

  5. 5

    there is something so great about these pictures… perfect for ATWT because they speak volumes not even knowing who they are

  6. 6
    crochet lady says

    Great pics, I like the one with the cowboy hat.

  7. 7
    Beatrice says

    I'm glad that you have some great photo's of you dad! I remember when your dad & I wear the matching cowboy outfits! We where going on a trip to Colorado, it was a very nice trip! Do you have a photo of your dad & I on our wedding day? If so you can share with your friend on your blog. And I agree with Marla that the photo's speak volumes. thanks for sharing. love ya, mom

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