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Last week I shared a picture of poor Cleo being used and abused for my daughter & hubby’s entertainment pleasure. This week my Ginger (Ginger Grant – The Movie Star) had her photo snapped by my dear, silly, delightful daughter. I think Ginger’s expression says it all as she calmy and patiently takes whatever attention she gets! What a sweetie she is in her red straw hat!

This would be Ginger in full on pout mode. She does it so well!

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  1. Eco-friendly Mommy says

    What a cutie! We have two little poodles, and they sometimes have those faces when my son does things to annoy them.

  2. crochet lady says

    Too cute, love the red hat, and that look….

    I have a dog named Ginger too, she’s a 8 year old chocolate lab.

  3. Henrietta says

    Thank you for the comments :)

    Eco-Friendly Mom, my mom had a poodle when I was little, they are so funny!

    crochet lady, our Ginger is a mix of some sort, when she was a puppy she looked exactly like a red doberman, now she is short, fat and droopy, lol!

  4. Oh good heavens I just LOVE that pouty face……looks like a pretty good actor….LOL!!! Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting!!

  5. p.s. love your new blog!!

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