Frantic Frugal Swedish Meatballs for Dinner

meatballs recipeAs I was making out my monthly menu and grocery list this morning, I ran across this little recipe. I still have no idea where I found it but I do know that I must have been having a frantic what’s for dinner night. It’s scribbled on a small post it note and stuck to the side of the fridge.

This little slip of paper has given me comfort quite a few nights when I have the realization, “Oh my gosh! It’s 5pm and I have no idea what’s for dinner!”. No, it may not be the healthiest dinner — it is delicious, quick, easy and everyone eats it with smiles on their faces.

It really takes about 15-20 minutes because you do everything at the same time.

Here’s what I do:
(Yes, I realize this looks different than my scrap of paper, I never follow the recipe, even when it’s mine!)

Frantic Frugal Swedish Meatballs
Cook time
Total time
What's for dinner? Quick Swedish meatballs made with frozen meatballs and an evaporated milk cream sauce!
Recipe type: main
Serves: 4
  • 1 beef bullion cube
  • ½ c water
  • 24 frozen meatballs (I use about ½ package of Aldi's original)
  • 1 c evaporated milk
  • 2 Tbs all purpose flour
  • 1½ c cold water
  • ¼ tsp nutmeg
  • 1 Tbs lemon juice
  • ¼ tsp onion powder or dried minced onion
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • Cooked Egg Noodles
  1. Place frozen Meatballs, bullion cube and ½ c water in large skillet, simmer covered about 10-15 minutes until hot throughout. Meanwhile boil egg noodles, drain, melt 2 Tbs butter in the noodles, cover and set aside.
  2. Remove meatballs to plate with slotted spoon, keep warm by covering with skillet lid :)
  3. In 2 cup measure, combine evaporated milk, flour & onion powder. Whisk to remove lumps, stir in 1½ cups water.
  4. Pour this into the skillet with meatball drippings and crank heat to high, whisk and stir until it thickens, about 4-6 minutes.
  5. Stir in nutmeg, 1 Tbs lemon juice & salt & pepper to taste (watch the salt, the bullion already added some!).
  6. Add the meatballs and just warm back up. Serve atop hot buttered noodles.
  7. I like to sprinkle it with a bit of parsley.

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