I love free samples!

I’ve spent my Saturday glued to the computer. I’ve been freebie & sample hunting :) It’s one of my favorite web pastimes! I mean who doesn’t like free? Free is so good! I have to tell you about the really awesome new sample site I found today! I’ve never seen so many legitimate and GOOD samples in one place before! I mean this is stuff I actually WANT to sample!

Before I point you over there though I want to show you the blog I ran across yesterday, RealWomenRealMoneyWorkFromHome , This lady knows of some really great survey & money saving sites so it’s definitely worth your time to check her blog out! She’s running a contest right now called the Sitemeter 10,000 Contest Check it out! There’s a great chance to win cash ($100) or a goodie bag of free stuff! She has a lot of good info on her site!

The sample site I’m so excited about today is called MySavings.com. You will just go nuts over all the free stuff on their site! I can tell you I hate sites that try to reel you in and make you do all these offers and jump through hoops to try and get a sample, this site is NOTHING like that at all, very straightforward list and even has member reviews and forums! The site has more than just samples, you can find coupons, freebies, sweepstakes & contests, giveaways, surveys & deals of the day. If you visit let me know hat you thought of it!

OH! One more thing, I almost forgot! Vitabase has a really nice deal going on for anyone who has a public blog. They will send a 20g sample of Creme Au Caramel Rooibos Tea to anyone who places a link to Vitabase on their web site or blog! Wow! Now that’s a great freebie! I can’t wait to try mine, I absolutely love tea.

I hope you found some useful info her today! I plan on blogging more about my search for samples and quest to save money, so stop by once in awhile to see what’s new!

SPRING is right around the corner!

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