A new place to Sell!

Bonanzle.com, ever hear of it? Well you should of heard by now. If not get your bum over there!
We found Bonanzle on
08/28/08 while visiting the Seller’s forum over on eBay. We’ve been hooked ever since.

From the moment when we first opened the front page, it felt like home! Signing up on the site was a simple process and creating our booth took just a few minutes to be up and running!

I think what grabs us the most is not just the WIDE variety of items being sold but the amazing people there. Never have we witnessed such a helpful and caring community. It’s nice to know they’ve “got your back”.

Bonanzle is a unique online marketplace, it’s really like nothing you’ve seen before. To sell all you need to do is set up your freeBooth“, fill in a few details about yourself if you wish and then start listing. Listing is free and Final Value fees are low. Check it out here: Fee Schedule

The listing window is just one page, well maybe 1/2 a page, there’s no clicking through boring, endless details, it’s all right there. In that same listing window, you can add up to 4 free pictures to each listing, crop them, rotate and more. Of course, you can add more in the description part if you want. You can make it as simple or detailed as YOU want.

After you get all your listings ready, (it won’t take long) just click “Update Booth” and your items are online ready to sell!

Your Booth is like your own shop or store! You can have a customized banner and avatar to match. Make your own, buy a specially designed one from a fellow Bonanzle-r or use one of the sites’ pre-mades.

That’s really all there is to it! Oh, don’t forget to get involved in the community! There’s so much to do! Promote your booth, join TMT, Weekday Challenges or LIMBOs that are always happening, or just chat with the great people there!

Exciting things are happening on Bonanzle, are you in on the fun?

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