So you’ve clicked the Giveaway button on my navigation menu huh?

Guess you’re looking for some actual giveaways, am I right? Well sadly there are none here yet :( Don’t get your panties in a bunch! Turn that frown upside down and keep checking back. I promise that there will be giveaways very soon! In fact I absolutely, positively, without a doubt know that there will be giveaways coming to this very spot in the very near future!

I know this because I am planning one or two as we speak! Now mind you, I am just starting out so my first few giveaways may be small! I do hope to grow them a little larger bit by bit!
I am activel
y searching out new and exciting things to do and offer on my blog so stay tuned!

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Henrietta Newman is a self-loving empty-nester into smudging, nature, yoga, fitness, healthy living, hunting, camping, hiking, tech, video games, gadgets, recipes, reviews and more.
With a love for the outdoors and visiting local attractions in and around NW PA and Lake Erie, you never know what you'll find in my nest! Subscribe to A Hen's Nest so you don't miss the fun!


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