Winter is Just Around the Corner, Is Your Home Ready?

With Thanksgiving over and done with, it’s time to start prepping for the winter. Though winter prep for your family might mean pulling out the coats and sweaters and packing away your fall gear, getting your home ready is another task. In order to stay snug and safe in your humble abode this winter you’ll […]

10 Ways to Keep your Home Safe from Break-ins

Statistics have determined that in the U.S a home break-in occurs every 14.4 seconds; that is roughly 2.5 million break-ins each year. This sad fact should provide enough incentive to inspire you to beef-up the security of your home. Better safe than sorry is the philosophy that every homeowner should live by, especially during the burglary […]

Our Journey to Homeownership – we’re getting there #GenworthUSA

Last year, Chris and I thought for sure it would be “THE” year that we finally bought a home of our own. We contacted a real estate agent that my brother-in-law recommended, since they had purchased their home the year prior. She in turn, connected us with an FHA lender to see if we would […]

Moving Into Your First Home: What You Need to Know

Most people live in apartments, condos, or other rental property until they are financially ready to buy a home of their own. Owning a home is a very rewarding and worthwhile experience. Even so, not everyone is prepared for the responsibilities of home ownership. Besides making the transition to a new location with new neighbors […]