Wordless Wednesday – After Dinner Walk

My sweet Ginger

I have a little visitor this morning! Whose cheeks grow even more enormouswith every sunflower seed stuffed into them and who worries my Ginger something awful because didn’t you know…chipmunks are evil ;) It’s torture I tell youPure torture! For more A Thousand Words Thursday visit Cheaper Than Therapy.

Ginger, My Dog

What a weekend! Friday afternoon My daughter was playing in the living room and pushed the love seat back too far, it knocked over the piano bench that was behind it (no, we do not have a piano!), which crashed to the floor. I didn’t think anything of it, we picked up the mess and […]

A Thousand Words Thursday

Last week I shared a picture of poor Cleo being used and abused for my daughter & hubby’s entertainment pleasure. This week my Ginger (Ginger Grant – The Movie Star) had her photo snapped by my dear, silly, delightful daughter. I think Ginger’s expression says it all as she calmy and patiently takes whatever attention […]

If You Can..

I just got this in an email and it is so true!Thank God for man’s best friend :) (this is a picture of our sweet baby Ginger Grant, we couldn’t imagine life without her! We rescued her in 2002) If You Can.. If you can start the day without caffeine;If you can get going without […]