{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Happy Ending

Our Ginger is a good dog  — most of the time. She knows she isn’t allowed to bother any of the other “pets” we have, and she never has. Wild things however, are another matter. She slobbers moles to death. Will chase stray cats. And birds. Toads, bees, grasshoppers. She cannot resist pouncing on anything […]

Super Genius – Look What I found Honey #2

Guess what’s parked in my front yard now? Oh you thought I was going to say driveway? No, the driveway seems to be full. Full of job trailers, vehicles, motorcycles, etc. Super G. came home with a tractor the other day, WAIT! I mean Super G. came home with THREE large tractors the other day. […]

My dog Ginger really really loves her Hartz toys!

Ginger is still getting plenty of use out of her Hartz toys that we received a couple of weeks ago. It seems like whenever I turn around she’s got a hold of, or is laying on, her Hartz® Tuff Stuff™ Nose Divers™ duck chew toy. I’ve found her in the cutest poses with that duck! […]

{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Dog Bed Hazards

I’ve been a slacker lately! The sad thing is that I do have quite a bit that needs to be blogged. Christmas is starting to freak me out though and I’m slightly addicted to shopping on Amazon.com so other things have been getting pushed aside. In the hopes that you don’t think I’ve entirely abandoned […]

Hartz toys help your pet have a Happy Holiday too!

We never leave our pets out when the holidays roll around, how could we! Our Ginger brings us so much joy and laughter that she deserves something extra special! We’ve always loved and bought Hartz toys for her and were so thrilled to receive two for review! They arrived in the mail today and Ginger […]

What’s going on with me? Battle of the Fleas!

Whew!! I had some bloggy plans today but things didn’t work out that way. Instead I spent my day cleaning. I vacuumed EVERYTHING – twice – nooks , crannies and all. Mopped, dusted some, threw about 75 magazines out into the recycle bin, really when am I ever going to look at them again? They […]

Wordless Wednesday – Cute Cuddly Kittens!

Lord help me, we are now a three cat household! Mr.T. with his rambunctious rascal Jupiter. Pie with her fluffy fluffball shy kitty Nylee Super Genius (the “non” cat person) cuddling Juipiter Mama Cleo nursing her little family NOT a kitten…. but still adorable!

Wordless Wednesday – Ginger

Awwww… cute and cuddly Ginger – a rare on-the-couch treat. WHOOOOAAAAAA! For More Wordless Wednesday check Two of a Kind Working on a Full House, MomStart, 5 Minutes For Mom, Extraordinary Mothers, Jolly Mom and Momdot!

Wordless Wednesday – Ginger

I just can’t stand how cute those litle toes peeking out are!All she can think is “Please let me in, I’m freezing”. For More Wordless Wednesday checkTwo of a Kind Working on a Full House, MomStart,5 Minutes For Mom, Extraordinary Mothers, Jolly Mom and Momdot!

It’s almost time for a Holiday Break!

I want to wish all of you a very wonderful New Year and an absolutely Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. My hope is that this new year brings happiness, prosperity and more great memories to everyone! I hope that your Holiday is spent enjoying the little things, your family and friends. Cherish the memories […]

Wordless Wednesday – The Leaf Pile

My view from the leaves, I laid there for a good half hour just enjoying. Ginger never leaves my side, never! Bless her heart! Honey, come lay in the leaves with me? Leaves in Love:) For More Wordless Wednesday check5 Minutes For Mom, Extraordinary Mothers and Momdot!

Picture of My Life

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