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GNC is Helping you Beat Average Everyday #BeatAverage

GNC Beat Average Brandy Ellen

This post brought to you by GNC. All opinions are 100% mine. GNC started as the “General Nutrition Center” nearly 80 years ago in Pittsburgh as a place to go to live well and perform at your best. Today, GNC continues to help people beat average everyday with health and wellness products in addition to tips that will guide you along the way. GNC offers a wide range of … [Continue Reading...]

Throwback Thursday : Storybook Land #tbt

Storybook Land - Three Men in a Tub 1980's

I found these gems from the 1980's and thought they would be perfect for Throwback Thursday. I'm fairly certain this is a place called Storybook Land and I "think" it's one that is/was located in South Dakota. Since I'm wearing the same lovely outfit from our visit to Dinosaur Park, also located in South Dakota, I can only assume I'm remembering the right location. After seeing that post, Mom … [Continue Reading...]

10 foolproof plants for kids to grow this summer

10 foolproof plants for kids to grow this summer

We have always encouraged our kids to love the outdoors, and one way to get kids interested is by letting them grow a small garden of their own. Whether they want to grow flowers, vegetables or fruits -- kids love playing in the dirt! My favorite Bird & Garden Magazine, Birds & Blooms , just put out a top 10 list of plants for kids to grow this summer, so I had to share. We have grown … [Continue Reading...]

Wordless Wednesday – Deer in the woods #ww

deer in spring Northwestern PA

I forgot to share these photos in April! Across the road, there is a long oil well driveway that goes back into the woods. A lot of deer cross through it, especially in the morning and at dusk. It was so sweet to see this herd with the youngsters in tow! Now that the trees are all greened out, it will be harder to catch a glimpse of the deer. What kind of wildlife do you have in your area? ☛ … [Continue Reading...]

Meow Mix® and Fresh Step® keep my cat and I happy #WalmartLovesCats

Steve the cat likes Fresh Step

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step and Meow Mix for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Steve is a snarfling hog. I'm sorry, I love him, but it's true. One of the reasons I think he's such a love bug is I used to have to pet him while he was eating so he'd slow down & not choke on his food. Not that it's his fault - he did come to … [Continue Reading...]

Mom Advice // What do women want to teach their daughters?


I recently read a survey conducted with 1,000 nationally represented women aged 40+, called Post Great Grains Cereal Survey. I thought it was an interesting since, as an almost 35 year woman, I agreed with the majority of the results. It's a great way to see what we women think are important life lessons to pass on to our daughters. Check out some of the results and let me know what you … [Continue Reading...]

It’s Like Deja Vu: Five Things My Mom always Asks when I’m Home for the Holidays

help is on the way

Every time I head back to my parents I get to face the inevitable. I’m the “genius” of the family (apparently) because I have an affinity with computers and I kind of became the “handyman” because I was one of the few with the patience to read the manual or call tech support. You might be able to see where this is going … Upon arrival I’m almost always met with the same types of … [Continue Reading...]

My daughter and I are building strong bones together with Viactiv! #ViactivYoursandHers


Coming from a family with a host of health issues, I know how important it is to teach my teen daughter healthy habits that she can carry with her to adulthood. I try stay active to set an example for her. Though I've been lax about exercise lately, I'm hoping that she and I can start an activity outdoors this summer, be it going for daily walks or taking riding classes together -- I am excited … [Continue Reading...]