I want to see this

Really! I do.

Mind-Body Connection

The Doctors, I love this show, I’m always happy when I remember to watch it. I would DVR it but I don’t think I’d ever get to it along with the 20 or so back episodes of Medium & Heroes I have yet to watch. I have yet to watch the final 3 episodes of […]

April Thoughts

April seems alwaysconfused, stubbornso full of angst.Like a temperamental childwho doesn’t want to sayGoodnight!She needs reassurancea bit of soothingand sweet whispers in her ear,assuring herthat when it’s timeshe will wake once again!

Blog Hopping

I think I may be addicted to blog hopping, at least sporadically. I’m not even sure that’s what it’s called, randomly drifting around from one blog to another by way of buttons, links and other various ways. Oh the places you can go and the things you will see when you have no particular things […]

Did I mention….

I absolutely love samples! What I love even more is finding a box of free stuff in my mailbox! Look what just came today :) I’ve got to run but later on I’ll post the what and more importantly, the HOW of these samples! I don’t think I’ve heard of any of them so it’s […]

A quick post

I’ve been a bit busy lately, I was hired as an agent at kgb_(The Knowledge Generation Bureau) , and have been spending most of my free time answering some strangely weird text messages :) I just wanted to leave a link to some really great contests and giveaways going on right now! I’ve been following […]

If You Can..

I just got this in an email and it is so true!Thank God for man’s best friend :) (this is a picture of our sweet baby Ginger Grant, we couldn’t imagine life without her! We rescued her in 2002) If You Can.. If you can start the day without caffeine;If you can get going without […]