I’m buying gift cards for the teens this year

I don’t want to sound like Mrs. Scrooge but boy am I glad that the holidays are over this year! It seems that as the nieces, nephews and our own children grow older, it gets harder and harder to figure out what to give them as gifts! Having a bunch of teenagers and tweens to […]

Number One song the day you were born?

I was blog hopping this afternoon and ran across Cheryl’s ‘A Little Fun‘ post about the number one song the day she was born. I thought that really did sound like fun and hopped over to the Josh Hossler site myself to check out what mine was.  It ended up being ‘Reunited’ by Peaches & […]

Random thoughts from me – Pie and hearts and thankfulness

I saw my daughter’s heart today. Well not literally. Pie had an EKG and an echo cardiogram this morning. Last Monday, out the clear blue, she fainted during gym class. She said she just felt weird and then everything went black and down she went. This is not normal people! Definitely NOT the call you […]

Just post number one thousand {1000}

I noticed in my blog’s dashboard today that I have 999 posts under my belt since I started blogging way back at the end of 2008. Who would have ever thought that I would stick with it and grow to love being a blogger so much. When I first started blogging, Super G. and I […]

I want to live near a mountain

Ever since we took our family day trip over to Benezette to see the elk herd, I’ve been daydreaming about all of those gorgeous tree covered hills we drove by. Taking that trip away from the stress and worry of home life really made me realize how much I miss traveling. While I haven’t done […]

Autumn in a cup of coffee

… a cup of coffee made with Kim’s amazing, delicious, pure Autumn pumpkin spice coffee creamer. Make it… drink it… relax. :)

Not Good Enough

I have zero motivation. No inspiration. Life at the moment is boring, uneventful. Yet, there are still times when I do miraculously think of a topic to sit down and write about. I ready myself, excited to let the words flow out of me and to be able to create a sentence, a paragraph — […]

Inexperience cannot last forever!

Super G. and I are extremely lucky that we are able to make our jobs work for us. Having Super G. as a business owner, and myself as a blogger striving to add to our monthly income, means that we are always looking for ways to be more efficient with all of the paperwork that […]

When I get my diamond ring

Someday when Super G. and I decide to finally tie the knot, one of my favorite wedding activities will be to pick out our rings. (Oh you thought we were already married? Sorry, can you imagine calling the man you’ve lived with for 17 years, and bore two children by, your boyfriend? I can’t that’s […]

Life’s really rolling along now

It’s funny how quickly time goes by when your children are growing up. I mean you don’t realize how fast they go from Point A (babyhood) to Point B (high school graduation) until it’s staring you right in the face. Mr.T. is in his second year of Vo-Tech school. His Third year of High School. […]

Doing everything except what I’m supposed to be doing

Over the past year I have found that my blog has grown to be a daily part of my life.  If not a nightly one too since I often find myself dreaming in css or html code.  Or, I find myself tossing and turning before I fall asleep because my brain is too busy thinking […]

My hubby’s personal secretary

My hubby, Super Genius, is a small business owner. He is really good at his general contractor job and I admire the way he can work with his clients to make sure they’re satisfied with the work that he does for them. Being a business owner also means that you have a ton of paper […]