Ducklings may not be the best dinner guests, but they sure are cute!

I took a few dozen pics today of all the cuteness happening around here lately. I’ll post some of those throughout the next week (chickies tomorrow!) For today though I HAD to let ya’ll see just how adorable and funny these little ducks of ours are. Someday I’ll get smart and use the actual video […]

Chick updates and why you shouldn’t go to the mill during chick season!

I hope everyone likes all these chick updates! We just go crazy with enthusiasm when the little darlings come into this world! Another one hatched this afternoon, and one is pecking it’s way out of the shell as we speak! That leaves one to go! We originally had mama setting on six eggs but Tuesday […]

Gabby’s got a secret!

Guess what??? One Chick has arrived! three more to go. This little peeper is so cute! I think his/her feet are bigger than his/her head lol!

Wordless Wednesday – A Mother’s Patience

Our little banty hen Gabby has been sitting on her four precious little bundles for 19 days now. With a little luck her perseverance will pay off in another 2-4 days and we’ll have baby chicks to love :)    Who’s the Daddy?Flapjack or Rusty?

Pie’s Ponderings

Hi this is Pie my mom took this picture. And I laughed right when I saw it .You wanna know why? Ok this is why because it reminded me of the song One Way or Another and they look execaly alike! <(“)

Enjoying a dreary rainy day isn’t so hard after all!

Super Genius was home today, it’s hard to roof in the rain! I had planned on having a quiet day at home and try and get some blog work done before the weekend, I am so behind! Scratch that, hubby drug me out of the house to do some errands. I didn’t want to go, […]


Do you remember those sweet innocent chickies my hubby brought home from The Mill back at the end of May? Well, those precious babies are really growing up! Why just the other day one had the gall to give me attitude! Escape artists they may be, but still dear to my heart :) How could […]

Mutant Chicken Strikes Again

So THAT”S what all the fuss was about earlier. I completely understand dearies :)   This one is large & wrinkly!   Pardon my daughter’s bright red nail polish, she’s celebrating no school!  

The Best Hubby Ever!

Guess what…. Hubby brought me home a surprise last night! Wanna know what it was? 2 Barred Rocks 4 White Leghorns & 3 Ameraucanas :) I Love Chicks! Mr. Puff likes chicks too :) Lots of chicks.

Not a mutant Chicken….

I swear I’m not feeding my chickens some kind of super growth hormones. I’m not harboring mutant chickens or collecting eggs from some freaky She-Woman hen. No, but somehow , someway, someone out in the coop MUST have one sore bottom! I suspect my Oldest Buff Orpington “Buffy” (yes, real original, I know). Every day […]

Happy Chickens

It actually feels like Spring today! The sun is simply beautiful this morning. Almost all of Mother Nature”s silly white trick of the night before last is melted away, it feels wonderful outside. The sun rise on the frost was gorgeous but I’m still glad that it will soon be gone for another season. I […]