Construction going on!

Please pardon my mess! I decided I couldn’t wait any longer so I spent the whole day making a new blog design for myself :) It’s 2am and I’m getting tired so won’t be able to get everything installed tonight this morning :( Things will look wonky for a day or three until I get […]

Can I ask a favor? Or bribe you into it?

My sister over at Just Contest Stuff asked me to vote for her today. to win a prize pack. I did! YAY! I noticed she had some stiff competition so I thought I might ask beg all of you awesomely, wonderful, beautiful readers for some more votes! :) Does bribery work? How about cookies? no? […]

I crave votes!

I was reading through my favorite blogs newest posts and noticed that Nicolle over at BabeeLove had submitted her blog to and was asking for votes. I was curious! Apparently it’s a big directory of Mom Blogs! If it’s a directory I want to be listed too! So after voting for BabeeLove I added […]

Let’s Win a Brand New GE Kitchen Appliance! Enter Here Daily!

I’m so excited, just can’t hide it.. I’m about to lose control… and I think I like it! :) Sorry it gets me every time. I really am excited because I was asked to take part in GE’s Strong as Steel Sweepstakes! You can help! Every day you can visit A Hen’s Nest and enter […]

New Twitter Name

Get ready for my Twitter rant! I have given up on Twitter Support. I would suggest that you NEVER, ever, NEVER try to change your user name on twitter! What a mess! I was told it would be pain free and simple, well that’s not the case! After changing my user name in my settings, […]

Blog Construction.. BEEP BEEP BEEP

I am monkeying with my blog code so if things look wonky please check back later! I’m trying to get my menu bar links to look just right and fix some other messes I have going on in my code. I may be missing in action for a day!

Welcome to the new Blog

I have finally gotten this blog to look the way I want it! I’m so excited to start using it and hopefully I can start blogging a bit more regularly about things people might actually care about!


So you’ve clicked the Giveaway button on my navigation menu huh? Guess you’re looking for some actual giveaways, am I right? Well sadly there are none here yet :( Don’t get your panties in a bunch! Turn that frown upside down and keep checking back. I promise that there will be giveaways very soon! In […]