Wordless Wednesday – This Daughter of Mine #ww

Every once in a while I look at my daughter, and I see her for who she is becoming — a beautiful young lady. So often I just completely forget about the fact that she is growing up. I still see her as small — a tiny little girl who giggles and teases and needs me so much.

But, she is much much more these days. She is turning into a young woman who has her own ideas, goals and plans. She still needs me but she also needs me to step back and let her take the reins sometimes… this is hard. She is my heart!





☛ Have a Happy Wordless Wednesday! ☚

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  1. She’s such a pretty girl – and she looks so much like her mama :)

  2. She looks so much like you. What lovely photographs!

  3. Those are some gorgeous pictures! I hope you had one made to be framed. I like that you did them in black and white too! I have a 14-yr. old daughter, and I can totally relate. :)

  4. She is gorgeous! (And looks so much like you!)

    I understand how hard it is to let go, though.

  5. She’s beautiful! Such awesome photos too! It’s hard with glasses and you got great ones still!

    • I am kicking myself for forgetting to ask for the no glare lenses for her! Definitely not doing that again because I cannot get a good photo of her eyes anymore :(

  6. All such beautiful photos! My little girl will be six soon and I don’t want to grow up so fast!

  7. Both of you are gorgeous! You look like her older sister, not her mom!

  8. Awwww. Hen, I absolutely LOVE this post! <3

  9. Awww she is beautiful. My daughter is 8, and I hate and love the idea of her growing up.

  10. Great photos! You look like sisters :)

  11. She is beautiful, just like her momma. It’s hard on moms when they grow up :(

  12. Wow she looks so much like you and you both are just beautiful!

  13. no question who her Mama is, you two are so beautiful! I keep thinking the same with my daughter. She be up at the high school next year and it saddens me but is also happy that she is growing fast, into a beautiful, smart young woman. What a beautiful WW post.

  14. Love the photos of you beautiful ladies! :-)

  15. Your daughter is very pretty. You two look a lot alike. I can relate. I had a hard time “letting go” when my oldest daughter got older. In my eyes, she was still a little one who needed me. In reality, she was growing up and branching out. I cried several times at the thought of my baby growing up too fast.

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