Beat stains with Shout® Trigger Triple-Acting Formula!

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Living out in the sticks, we have our share of messes that will often lead to stains! Be it grass or mud stains from playing outside with the dog, coop stains from cleaning out and caring for the chickens or stains from hubby’s construction job, we’ve found that Shout® Trigger will take them out without fail.

I’ve been using Shout® products for several years now and I’ve found it to be the best at taking out a wide range of stains that our family manages to get on our clothing. Shout® Trigger is extremely easy to use — just spray it on the stain, rub it in a bit and launder in hot water after letting it sit for five minutes. I find that many of our stains benefit from sitting for an hour or more. The super tough stains can even go as long as overnight before throwing them in the wash, this gives the Shout® Trigger time to penetrate stains.


What is Shout® Trigger? It’s a Triple-Acting Formula that has stain fighting ingredients and enzymes specifically formulated to Cling to, Penetrate and Lift away stains.
  • Convenient trigger dispenser
  • Safe for all colorfast washables
  • Works in all water temperatures

Using Shout® Trigger makes sense for our busy {and messy} family. I don’t have to waste time trying to scrub out a stain or be disappointed when a favorite piece of clothing comes out of the dryer ruined. I have even had some success on older stains that I’ve missed the first time around. I just let the Shout® sit on the stain overnight and many times it will take it right out. It’s also great for yard sale finds that have small stains, sometimes those older stains will come out with a bit of Shout® Trigger.

One other reason that I love using Shout® Trigger is that it’s always easy to find at any of our local Walmart stores — right in the laundry care aisle! We always have a bottle hanging within easy reach of the washer, Shout® Trigger just makes life easier!

What do you do to treat the messes and stains that your family creates?


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  1. I’ve never been one to use many stain fighters, but I did use Shout on baby stains, always worked great. I just put detergent on the stain or rub Fels Naphta on it (love this bar:)

  2. Mark D.French says

    Great detergent!it help to easily wash the stain. great post.

  3. What I like most about Shout is that it effectively removes stains in spite of the water temperature.

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