Wordless Wednesday – thrift store finds make for happy kids!

Probably the best $39.99 I’ve spent in a long long time.

Salvation Army thrift = Happy kids who are getting along and singing together :).

casio keyboard thrift


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  1. aww! That’s awesome! I LOVE LOVE hitting up the thrift shops!

  2. Great find! And great that the family is already enjoying it.

  3. Nice! Johnny loves all thing musical! Can they read music and play?

    • My daughter can play the flute and kind and read a bit of that kind of music. They both are pretty good at playing things by ear, my son especially! I am going to look up a book for them to see if it helps :) I can’t believe how much they love this keyboard!

  4. I can see how that would be a total blast!

  5. What an awesome find!!!

  6. I had a keyboard when I was a teenager – so much fun! Shopping Thrift Stores is always fun too.

  7. Nothing like music to bring people together :) Great find by the way!

  8. Great find! I LOVE Garage sales and thrift shops for THIS reason! :)

  9. Sweet find! My mother-in-law finds the most amazing stuff at thrift stores. I get all my wool sweaters from them.

  10. that’s a great find!!

  11. You love getting a deal like that!

  12. I love thrift store shopping!
    How cool that you could find something that BOTH kids could use together and both have fun.
    It always nice to have a peaceful household. =)

    • lol! I don’t know about peaceful since this keyboard is all I hear anymore… BUT if it gets my son out of his room for a little bit, and he and his sister laughing, then I consider it a success and worth giving up some quiet time!

  13. That’s awesome – what a great find!

  14. Carolyn G says:

    Wow what a bargain. Anf it’s great the kids love it/

  15. Heck yeah, keyboards rock!

  16. What a great score! I had to pay $100 for the one I bought myself in jr. high- it took FOREVER to earn that money! Enjoy! :)

  17. Awesome find. I’m a bad mom – I wouldn’t have the patience to have that n my hoiuse!

  18. What a find! I bet they’ll get hours of entertainment out of it.

  19. Keyboards are so much fun! My boys love theirs… wish I had found it at a thrift store lol

  20. So fun! I love thrift store shopping!

  21. Now that is awesome. We have been talking about trying to find a drum set, guitar and other musical type instruments for the kids as they all love music …. maybe thrift store is the way to go!

  22. So fun! I love thrift store shopping!

  23. Wow. Now you’re making me want to go check one out.

  24. Music really brings people together <3

  25. What a cool find!

  26. I am really hoping to get Owen into playing an instrument. That was always something I wish I had learned. Great photos and def can see everyone is having fun!

  27. Keyboards are so fun, and you can do so much with them.

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