#Project365 (366) – week number three

How was your week? Busy yet uneventful here. I’m still having fun with my project365 (366) and have decided that since I am no photographer, I will just wing it when it comes to making sure I get that needed daily image.

Also, I have decided to change how I number the photos and instead of numbering 1-7 for the week, I’ll be numbering 1-366 for the year. I think it makes more sense that way, now I just have to go back and fix week one and week two! Here’s a taste of our week.

project365 week 3

project365 week 3

 15. Please stop taking my picture and pet me 16. Monday night flute practice with Pie  17. Cannot wait to read these books  18. McDonald’s Sweet Tea – yum!  19. finished up some granny squares at a Knotty Stitchers meeting with my girls!  20. have to get a few hours of playtime in!  (@lotro)  21. finally took down the Christmas tree! my living room seems roomy! 


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  1. I haven’t read The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit either but they’re both on my bookshelf from my husband reading them. No excuses other than lack of time!

  2. Wow you must have had a really nice week! And big up for the Tolkien books, I am a big fan, too! The Hobbit is one of his best-written things, I guess. Keep up doing this great job with project 366, it is really interesting!

  3. it’s been a long time since i read The Hobbit, I don’t think I’ve ever read Lord of the Rings. Great job on Project 365, I couldn’t keep up

  4. I didn’t know that MacDonalds made a sweet Tea – something new for me to try!

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