Trick-or-Treat – Wordless Wednesday

Some friends of ours always have the coolest house in town! This year in addition to the HUGE Godzilla and creepy crashed plane, there was a “Dead End” Day care complete with feet-eating baby zombies! Definitely the highlight of the evening! Love it!

Halloween treating

How was your Halloween?


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  1. Holy moly that Godzilla is enormous!

  2. I love when people go all out like that!

  3. Such cool yard decor! Nobody in our neighborhood really gets into it.

  4. Great decor. No one in my neighborhood decorates.

  5. I love the godzilla!

  6. I really love the Godzilla. If I had that in my yard, I doubt any of the kids would recognize it though!

  7. I love when people do things over the top like that!

  8. Looks like you had a lot of fun.
    Hope the kids got a tons of candy on thier trek, too.

  9. We don’t have decoraters but I love it when I find houses that do.

  10. My daughter would FLIP her favorite is Godzilla!!

  11. You had me at feet eating baby zombies lol

  12. WOW! That is HUGE!

  13. Gozilla is still my favorite old horror flix. I would love to have him. I didn’t notice any decor around the few times I was out. I know my son does his yard up every year & at xmas. his the only house on the block every year…

  14. Love it. Godzella is one of my husbands favorite movies!

  15. I love that Godzilla!

  16. How fun!!

  17. Those babies are creepy! We saw those in the Halloween store and I was completely disturbed.

  18. Godzilla is awesome!

  19. dang, they go all out don’t they!! :)

  20. We need to get that Godzilla!!

  21. So much fun! Love all the pics!

  22. Look at the dragon. Is it a dragon? My kids would of loved that!

  23. It looks so cold there!

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